BuyEmAll Changelog
  • Cost of Stack or Max purchase now shown in the button’s tooltip instead of changing the money display.
  • No longer displays “loaded” message.
  • Separated localization files for more flexibility.

  • Fixed ammo pouch bug.

  • Added workaround for ammo pouch bug.

  • Added Korean localization thanks to sayclub.

  • Updated for WoW 2.0

  • Fixed a bug where the amount you could afford was shown as the amount you could fit and vise versa.
  • Stack button now works a bit more intuitively for items which come in preset stacks.
  • De-aced.

  • Changed behavior of Stack button (see Features).
  • Improved efficiency in certain areas.

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error for people with enchanting or herbalism bags
  • Updated Ace2 libs

  • Updated TOC for patch 1.12
  • Updated Ace2 libraries

  • Slightly rearranged the buttons to have a bit more space in between.
  • Clicking on the Max and Stack buttons will now change the amount in the box instead of immediately bringing up the confirmation window.
  • Stack button will now be disabled for items whose stack size is the same as their purchase unit (ammunition, for instance).

  • Stack button will now be disabled for items that do not stack.
  • Ace2ified. Functionality is the same except for the above change, but behind the scenes it's a whole new beast.

  • Disabled display of the "Vendor has" line of the Max tooltip if there is no limit.
  • Changed coloring of tooltip text.
  • French translation courtesy of Layrajha.
  • Chinese translation thanks to q09q09.

  • Stack and Max buttons display a confirmation regardless of purchase size to alleviate accidental clicks.
  • The BuyEmAll frame will not hide until you accept the confirmation or if there is no confirmation.
  • Fixed a bug where you could attempt to buy an item a vendor no longer has.
  • German translation courtesy of JokerGermany.
  • Changed the text on Max and Stack tooltips.
  • Corrected a few typos in this readme.

  • Remembered to turn off debugging mode. :P
  • Changed the way the window is rendered such that I don't have to include a texture file.

  • Changed cost display for better visual integration with WoW.
  • Removed display of maximum purchase from the frame.
  • Added "Max" button.
  • Max and Stack buttons update the cost display when you mouse over them.
  • Added tooltips to the Stack and Max buttons.
  • The Stack button is disabled if you cannot buy a stack.

  • Added display of total purchase cost.
  • Added "Stack" button.
  • The confirmation box no longer appears when filling an ammo pouch.
  • Fixed bug where default stack for ammo could be more than you could afford.
  • Added a line break in the confirmation window to make it easier to read.

  • Free space calculation now takes into account special bag types.
  • Added quick-fill feature for ammo pouches/quivers.

  • The Stack Split frame now shows you the maximum amount you will be able to purchase.
  • For preset stack items, the left and right arrows increase or decrease to multiples of the preset - stack size.

  • Added support for items that come in preset stacks and items that don't stack at all.
  • Limited the maximum you can attempt to buy as described above.

  • Initial Release