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    Welcome to Envious Designs, maker of Envious UI!! Envious UI has some history behind it.. It is in fact the update to MUTINY UI!!! Finally released, MUTINY UI use to be a nice addon, that quite a few people loved... Unfortunatly due to FPS problems the major graphical UI was put to rest, and skinner picked up the slack! I hope that all of you enjoy our new Envious UI, as much as you enjoyed MUTINY UI!!

    -- Envious
    01-20-07 06:23 AM by: Envious
    ***Working on How to***

    This will explain the addons and how to modify them to your liking. It will allow you more hands on expeirience with certain mods such as Skinner and other mods included in this compilation. The link will appear on the left navagation menu within the next day explaining how to work with the addons.