Hey there! I'm Suicidal Katt!

I'm an enhancement shaman currently raiding for Fallout as 'Syronius' on Black Dragonflight-US, and if you've come to this page, you seem to find an interest in one of my addons / uploads.

I'm currently in the process of updating my portal but thanks for stopping by !

Tidy Plates: Threat Plates v2.1
By: suicidalkatt - 10-01-09 01:32 PM
suicidalkatt's Avatar Threat Plates Updated Today!

Some new features:
  • Added SharedMedia support.
  • Added text options.
  • Added threat glow color options.
  • Added target art.
  • Added unit type threat scaling offsets as well as a toggle for that system.
  • Added threat ignored marked scaling and alpha.
  • Added non-combat mob threat hiding. ~ May not be accurate.

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