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By: Prandur - 04-06-06 09:03 AM
Okay, so BossPanel is now FuBar. I will be releasing my plugins with the new name scheme shortly. ItemBonuses and Transporter have already been posted, expect Recap soon.

Updates, and stuff
By: Prandur - 03-20-06 10:18 PM
I should probably really update the news here more often, but you know... to busy coding for, or playing WoW.

Anyways, as the astute among you will notice I did end up porting Titan ItemBonuses to BossPanel, also I have released a new addon called BossPanel - Transporter. Inspired by InnBound and Titan [Portals] I created something similar for BossPanel. Its still got some work to be done on it, but the basics are there for now.

I love BossPanel!
By: Prandur - 02-24-06 10:52 PM
Just thought everyone should know that.

I've ported the Titan Recap plugin to BossPanel now, and I have a modified version of Rowne's InnBound for BossPanel. Next up I think I'm going to port Titan ItemBonuses over.

My new site!
By: Prandur - 02-24-06 09:16 AM
Welcome to Prandur's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!

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