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    Version 2.0.11 of the Mirage UI Compilation (Previously Insomniax) is now available!

    Mostly updates and fixes from the many authors included in the compilation, some minor tweaks and one small bug fix from my side of things, as always you can find it here in WoW Interface under the Compilations section
    I have been making mods for games since 1996 and always attached my gaming team's name to them, this is now ten years of "Insomniax" mods, and while a lot of people assume that Insomniax was a team comprised of many mod makers to this date with the exception of Savage1's classic Tribes 1 and Rainbow Six Insomniax Mods and a few maps here and there every game modification bearing the "Insomniax" name has been made by me.

    Recently the popularity of the Insomniax Recompilation has come into conflict with some of the team members, and it is time I separate my mods from that group, this is primarily the reason for the name change going from Insomniax Recompilation to "Mirage UI" and I do hope it doesn't make things too confusing for you guys out there.