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08-07-16 09:46 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r18


This includes updates to the default trackers for Shaman, Warlocks, and Warriors. Also added are new default trackers for Demon Hunters, just in time for the invasions. As always, feedback on these or new ones to include are always welcome.


As of a few weeks ago, I have taken over updates for Aurora. Updates to Aurora may not always coincide with RealUI updates, so please feel free to update Aurora as those come in.

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07-15-16 11:49 AM by: Gethe

8.1 r17

This is a major compatibility update for Legion. At this point the only things left are a few minor skin updates and default aura trackers for Demon Hunter, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. I wanted to have at least the aura trackers done for the pre-patch, but updating them was taking longer than expected and having a working ui is more important.

Addon Updates

In the download I've included tweaked versions for MSBT and Raven so that they can more gracefully transition into 7.0; however, these are not full updates. The author for Raven is working on a Legion update, so when you get the patch be sure to grab that version. MSBT is less clear, but there weren't any major changes that affect it so it should be fine.

I've made some updates to Aurora, aimed mostly at areas that would throw an error. I'm not sure what Haleth's plans are for Legion, but this should work for now.

Kui_Nameplates is getting a complete re-write for Legion due to Blizzard's revamp to the nameplate system. The version that is currently included WILL NOT WORK in 7.0. I'll update this post, as well as notify in Discord when the new version is released.

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05-12-16 09:44 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r16

Updated Point Tracker

The Point Tracker, along with Runes, has been rewritten to take advantage of the oUF framework. This will allow for a much more stable point display

In addition to this, Burning Embers has been converted to show as a segmented status bar and is no longer in the Aura Tracker. They will show as a red shard, with full embers being slightly lighter.

Reorganized Advanced Config

The options in the Advanced Config window have been significantly rearranged. The goal was to put the various options and modules in more logical groups.

With this update RealUI is mostly Legion compatible. I say mostly because there are still some lingering visual bugs and some features have been disabled due to significant changes on Blizzard's end. A few known issues currently:
  • The striped frame background does not tile properly
  • Tooltip text is not offset properly
  • Alert Frame Mover has been disabled, pending significant changes

Also, Aurora and Kui_Nameplates are currently completely broken and should be disabled. Bartender4 may produce a few errors, but is otherwise usable.

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03-02-16 08:25 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r15

New Aura Tracker

This has taken a lot longer than it really should have, but it is finally here. This update includes a completely rewritten Aura Tracker. This updated Aura Tracker was made to address some deficiencies in the old one, as well as being more stable overall.

In addition to this, all specs received a full review of default trackers. While many trackers got removed, many more were added or updated. With so much having changed, all trackers have been reset. This includes the removal of any custom trackers you may have created, so if you have any you may want to make some notes prior to updating to ensure you can get back in the action ASAP.

Finally, player and target tracker groups can now be dragged and moved freely. I intend to expand this to all frames that have configurable positioning, so if there is any feedback on how to make it better I would love to hear it.

Interface Tweaks

The stat display next to the player frame has been completely removed. I have done this because in the current game, there is little to no reason to track a stat in real time during combat. As such, the display has become is simply clutter and is thus cut.

The item level display in bags and character pane have been fixed and will now show the proper item level for upgraded and timewalking items. In addition, you can now see the current upgrade level for items that support valor upgrades.


Back in November I created a Discord channel for RealUI to replace the IRC that was rarely used. This can used as an additional avenue to get help or provide feedback; however, I still recommend posted bugs on the forums so people can find them and keep discussion focused.

In addition, I'll sometimes ask in the discord for help in testing, as well as post links to Release Candidate builds for future updates.

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06-21-15 11:38 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r13

New Config Bar

The config bar has been completely rebuilt, and is now the exclusive spot for all HuD configuration. The HuD section of the Advanced Options have been merged into the Config Bar. Any options in the Config Bar that aren't directly related to the HuD were moved to Advanced Options.

The primary goal here is to make it easier to access options for specific sections of the HuD. Previously if you wanted to move eg. the player frame, there was an option in the Positions tab and offsets in the Adv Options. Now, both of these are in a specific Player section of the Unit Frames tab. This follows for every section of the HuD.

Aura Tracker

While this update was primarily focused on the new config bar, a few tweaks were made to the AuraTracker. First, it will now look primarily for spell IDs before checking the spell name. This allows for more accurate spell matching. It also allows for much better support for tracker with multiple spells like Tigereye Brew. There is also now a priority for multi-spell trackers with the leftmost spell taking precedence if the aura is present.

Finally, Druid forms support was removed and all trackers that use this setting will be converted to use the associated spec. This was done to help simplify the tracker config, and the fact that most of the important spells can only be learned by one spec.


I also made a few changes to my personal work-flow with RealUI that will make it much easier for me to do updates between large feature additions or changes.

The Useful Links sticky was updated to now include a road map of where RealUI is going. This is hosted on Trello and while an account is not needed to view the board, it will be required to vote and comment.

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