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09-29-08 03:27 AM by: Recompense
Descriptions and status of my addons:

Livestock - Random mount / critter management addon, with keybinds and macro capability. Currently compatible with 3.0.2.

Cash Stash - allows you to view the total gold you have spread between all characters on the current character's given faction and realm as well as a character-by-character listing. Currently compatible with 3.0.2.

Phylacberry - for warlocks, captures the names of enemies killed with Shadowburn or Drain Soul and prints their names and information on the resultant shard. Compatible with 2.4.3 and will be minorly tweaked before upgrading to 3.0.2

PieCast - early concept mod which is a sort of configurable, circular-based action bar mod. Has bugs in it when you place macros on the bars, so this mod will be temporarily removed from the site with the release of WOTLK. I may update this later and put it back on.

Master of Subtlety was removed in 3.0.2 because Blizzard now shows a buff for Master of Subtlety. Mana Battery was removed in 3.0.2 because Vampiric Touch's mechanics changed too much for the addon to be upgraded easily.