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Welcome to MazzleUI!

MazzleUI is a comprehensive, customized user interface for the World of Warcraft that attempts to be clean, symmetrical, provides lots of information, use minimal space and be highly efficient. It is extremely easy to set-up, use and learn. It is a compilation with a several custom add-ons and many modified ones. It has several novel features, most notable add-ons that manage and configure the setup and performance of other add-ons, that make it qualitatively different than any other UI released to date.

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MazzleUI 1.1 Preview
By: Mazzlefizz - 06-20-07 11:27 PM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar Just posted the new version to the beta group, so I thought I'd let you guys know a little more about what's in store for the next version. To pre-emptively answer the easiest question in advance, no I don't know when it will be released publically. I have a few more features I'd like to add while people try this out for a bit.

Anyway, here's the current change log for this version:
  • Feature Addition: Camera adjustments added for every new mob in WoW Patch 2.1
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now has a skin chooser that will allow you to choose from a number of different sets of artwork. You can currently choose from: Elven metal theme (the traditional backround), Noob123's Night Elf Skin (now the default), Noob123's Undead skin, Noob123's Everquest skin and Minyaen's Dungeon skin. This may be expanded in the future to allow significantly different layouts.
  • Feature Addition: Added option to turn off snap to layout feature of the MazzleUI's version of Bongos. This will allow people to more easily make radical changes to their button layouts.
  • Feature Addition: New raid target mini-buttons. There are now 9 small icons inside your target frame for quickly assigning raid icons. These will only appear if you are the raid or party leader.
  • Feature Addition: The previous MonkeyQuest hotspot will now toggle the nQuestLog's minion and detail frame if visible.
  • Feature Addition: User can now click-cast on the 3d character models. This should resolve issues for users at the 1.25 and 1.33 aspect ratios, where it was difficult to find a place to click-cast on the party frames. The click-casting option can be toggled on and off in the Mazz3D section of MazzleOptions. The mazzifier will set it to be on in 1.25 and 1.33 aspects, and off in 1.6.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifer now has a new install option, "Auction Mule". This is a minimal, fast-loading set with core MazzleUI, auction house and mail add-ons. When user selects this option, all other add-on selection options are ignored.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will once again titillate your character with Mazzlegasms. User can now choose how they communicate their pleasure (yelling, saying or holding it in.)
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier's add-on selection questions now split up into three pages that are better organized.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now check exactly what forms a druid has learned and set the Bongos stance changing rules based on that information. This should clear up all problems with druids that have not learned aquatic form.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now knows which add-ons have positional information in their settings. If you change the aspect ratio, it will flag those add-ons as needing updates.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will no longer warn you about disabled add-ons that need mazzification via an annoying dialog box. It will now be an embedded widget in the add-on settings page.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now unbind all default blizzard paging bindings for druids, warriors, and rogues. (May have caused problems before.)
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier has several new questions for new optional add-ons like a replacement casting bar and mob respawn timers.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now asks how you like your nametags and nameplates set. Will configure blizzard settings and enable Aloft if nameplates is chosen.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configure and places the nQuestLog minion. The Mazzifier will also bind 'L' to toggle nQuestLog in the same way that MonkeyQuest and MonkeyQuestLog's window was toggled. You can change this binding in the MazzleUI section of keybindings. (nQuestLog did not have this binding)
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures and places Deadly Boss Mods. Question added to Mazzifier to choose which boss mod you want. Capping disabled if DBM is chosen.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures and places Incubator.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures and places KLH Threatmeter.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures AHSearch.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures Aloft.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures FarmerFu. (initializes tracked items to various primals)
  • Feature Addition: Added two new entries in the MazzleUI fubar menu. One will reload your UI. The other will take you immediately into Bongos key binding mode with one click.
  • Feature Addition: New option added to hide nQuestLog when logging in. This option can be found in the MazzleUI General category under Automation.
  • Feature Addition: New option to hide KLH Threatmeter when logging in. This is probably a temporary measure since KTMCPUManager seems to break KTM's ability to hide based on status. This option can be found in the MazzleUI General category under Automation.
  • Feature Addition: Tons of new options and descriptions added to MazzleOptions. References to DeuceCommander changed to point to the appropriate category in Niagra.
  • Code Improvement: Add-on structure changed to allow easier updating via WAU (WoW Ace Updater). This involved making a few remaining embedded libraries (the ones used by only 1 add-on) unembedded and adding a few .svn folder to avoid updating add-ons that would break things. User should now be able to install WAU, point it to your add-ons folder and simply tell it to update without externals. Also added all the new unembedded libraries to MazzleOptions.
  • Code Improvement: Layout part of Mazzification now only positions windows and applies the skin that the user selects. It has been renamed to "Layout and Skins". The configuration of Discord Unit Frames is now a normal add-on mazzification. (Original the layout option configured all of the discord add-ons. That is obviously no longer the case. This will also allow for far more flexible skins in the future.)
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier will now bind the shifting actions directly to bongos class bar rather than to the shifting spells. (May have caused problems previously.)
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier will only change the saved aspect ratio when mazzifying the 'Look'n'Feel'. This should make it easier for people who want to mazzify certain aspects in an atypical way. For example, this would help people who run MazzleUI on different machines with different aspect ratios that want to use the same exact button layouts on both machines.
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier's add-on settings page now dynamically-generated. The new page is scrollable and allows an arbitrary number of add-ons to be mazzified.
  • Code Improvement: Removed conflict list and put all those items in Warned list. If people choose to *switch* to something in conflict list (which wouldn't be a conflict any more), automatic disabling would be bad.
  • Documentation Change: Added warning to install instructions and Mazzifier that the contents of your previous button layout will be lost if you mazzify your buttons and have the 'place actions' setting checked.
  • Documentation Changed: Added warning to Mazzifier about losing your buttons if you uninstall UI and pointers on how to avoid. Added complete step-by-step instructions in the instructions.txt detailing how to save and restore your button layouts with SimpleActionSets.
  • Button Layout Change: Added BC racials to all layouts.
  • Layout Change: Moved focus to be above player pet. This causes less overlap with player buffs and allowed me to increase the size of the focus debuff icons, which is nice for classes that are trying to monitor CC on a focus target.
  • Layout Change: Party pet frames in 1.33 and 1.25 layouts are now above the unit frames like the 1.6 layout. You may seem some overlap with target buffs/debuffs if your target has a lot of them, for example on a raid boss encounter. This should make the pet frames look more sensical in full groups. Removed code that dynamically moved pet frames based on location of MT windows, etc.
  • Layout Change: Target frame's raid icon moved upwards make room for new raid icon mini-buttons.
  • Third-Party Add-On Modification: Added new interface code for nQuestLog to display LightHeaded comments.
  • Third-Party Add-On Modification: Fixed broken control-clicking in item reward links in nQuestLog. Also fixed dressing room items.
  • Bug Fix: Added another check to see if sRaidFrames are initialized before laying out raid frames.
  • Bug Fix: Added BadWhispers submitted french localization for MyBindings2.
  • Bug Fix: Changed Autobar mazzification to handle setting structure changes.
  • Bug Fix: Changed how MazzleUI changes the visibility of raid frames to accomodate changes in sRaidFrames settings.
  • Bug Fix: Disabling ClearFont will no longer prevent Mazzification from finishing.
  • Bug Fix: Efficiency modes will correctly switch name tag settings again. All name tag settings reset in case people fooled around with them trying to get them to work before.
  • Bug Fix: HUD and target buttons updated to handle changes in CheckInteractDistance. HUD ranges will display different text and inspect button will stay visible to 30 yards.
  • Bug Fix: HUD mana percentages will now show correct values. Targets without mana will not show any text.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier now able to correctly re-enable SuperInspect and BugSack for mazzification when their dependencies have been manually turned off.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier should now handle foreign language class names correctly when configuring button and add-ons.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will correctly place SmartDebuff at any resolution now.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will no longer throw error when mazzifying SmartBuff on a brand new character.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now always hide distracting windows. (Previously it only did it on new installs.)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now correctly place downscaled spells again and items again, for example Frost Nova rank 1 and Brilliant Wizard Oil.
  • Bug Fix: Not really a bug, but MazzleUI efficiency modes will no longer toggle nametag and nameplate settings in different contexts. This was removed for 2 reasons: (1) to stem the questions from the vast majority of users who refuse to read documentation of any sort, and (2) seemed less useful to me since I always keep Aloft on now.
  • Bug Fix: oRA override updated to handle oRA2_Optional being a standalone add-on. This should fix the problem with people who use WAU no longer being able to use MazzleUI menu to hotswap their MT window locations.
  • Bug Fix: Re-enabled cyCircle option in the Mazzifier.
  • Bug Fix: Recap frame will once again be hidden when Mazzifier is pulled up.
  • Bug Fix: Right-click on MazzleUI logo will once again rotate raid views
  • Bug Fix: ShardAce should no longer ever show the Firestone button
  • Bug Fix: sRaidFrames settings re-done. Among other things, raid frames will again be organized by group so layouts will be positioned correctly.
  • Bug Fix: To avoid the odd bug that crashes non-intel Macs, the Mazzifier will no longer completely compress bars for which the character has no skills. (You'll get an empty bar of size 1.)
  • Bug Fix: Updated MazzleOption's custom gui for OmniCC to handle the add-on's new settings.
  • Settings Change: Fubar will now be locked and will hide tooltips when in combat.
  • Settings Change: Prat settings updated for new settings structure.
  • Settings change: Removed all harmful spell settings from Mazzifier's Clique configurations. (I don't think most people use offensive click casting.)
  • Settings Change: Settings for Recap redone. In addition to updates for new structures, Sync will be enabled by default.
  • Settings Change: Settings updated for new OmniCC settings structure.
  • Settings Change: Turned off 'used-in' tree in Mendeleev b/c of unusual tooltip behavior. (tons of unvalidated links being shown for items)
  • Settings Change: Turned on chronometers option to track your own effect over time effects, i.e your dots and hots.
  • Settings Change: XLoot group window moved closer to top of the screen so that it doesn't overlap resurrection window
  • Add-On Change: Removed DamageMeters, DamageMetersFu. Also removed damage meters toggling from MazzleUI efficiency modes.
  • Add-On Change: Removed Fubar PetInfoFu. ( Seemed to be causing lockups and crashes for a lot of people.)
  • Add-On Change: Removed Fubar RestFu. (Probably less useful now that fewer people are leveling multiple characters)
  • Add-On Change: Removed TradeDispensor. (Seems a lot less necessary with smaller raid sizes)
  • Add-On Change: Removed FuXPFu. (Less need now that fewer people are levelling. Also a bit redundant.)
  • Add-On Change: Removed Periodic Table 1 and 2. (No longer needed by any add-ons)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced ClearFont2 with Tuller's slimmed-down ClearFont2d. Added GUI options in MazzleOptions for Clearfont 2d's options since it doesn't have a waterfall GUI like the full version.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced MonkeyQuest and MonkeyQuestLog with nQuestLog. (Similar quality of display with additional funcitonality)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced Tinypad with Omnibus. (much more feature rich) Make sure to read the release notes BEFORE INSTALLATION if you want to import your old notes into Omnibus.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced SkillsPlusFu light with SkillsPlusFu. (Former wasn't updated as often.)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced EQCompare with TekCompare. (Lighter-weight.)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced DeuceCommander with Niagara. (Gui options instead of dropdown menus.)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced CharacterInfo with Sanity2. (Powerful search features, allows you to view inventories as a list. We do lose ability to see stats of other characters.)
  • Add-On Change: Added ArenaUnitFrames, a very powerful set of faux unit frames for the entire other team in an arena.
  • Add-On Change: Added Arena Pointer, an add-on that shows estimated points gained for current arena team rankings.
  • Add-On Change: Added La Vendetta's Deadly Boss Mods, a very nice boss encounter add-on with lots of interesting notifications.
  • Add-On Change: Added Incubator, timers that show time left before trash mobs respawn in certain instances.
  • Add-On Change: Added KTMCPUManager, an add-on that turns off the very expensive KTM threat list when it is not needed, for e.g. when out of combat or solo.
  • Add-On Change: Added LightHeaded, an add-on that shows you wowhead quest comments in-game.
  • Add-On Change: Added Little Wigs, an adjunct to BigWigs that provides timers for 5-man instances.
  • Add-On Change: Added MoveFrames, an add-on that lets you move all Blizzard frames and save their location.
  • Add-On Change: Added SimpleActionSets, an add-on that lets you save the contents of your buttons. This add-on will automatically be disabled during normal use.
  • Add-On Change: Added Nymbia's SpellBinder, an add-on that lets you create key bindings directly to spells, skills and items. This also allows you to edit the 'hidden' bindings that the Mazzifier sets up.
  • Add-On Change: Added WhoFavorites, add-on that lets you save commonly used /who requests. (Used to be part of MazzleUI but broke at some point.)

MazzleUI 1.0 Now Released Publically!
By: Mazzlefizz - 02-07-07 02:34 PM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar Enjoy! There's also a new forum for it in the Featured Artists section. (Thanks Cairenn)

MazzleUI 0.99b Posted To Beta Testers
By: Mazzlefizz - 02-03-07 11:12 PM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar

New version posted to beta forums.

0.99 Change Log
  • Feature Addition: Bongos no longer has a fixed maximum number of bars. Instead, it uses the number of free Action IDs. Any setting change that uses or frees action IDs will no change the maximum number of bars slider.
  • Feature Addition: Removed party-like unit frame for focus target and added a compact replacement that attaches to the player's unit frame. There simply wasn't enough room for a full size frame without putting it somewhere odd. New frame shows the name, health bar, raid icon, 4 buffs, 4 debuffs and target of the focus unit.
  • Feature Addition: Entire FAQ reviewed and updated for the massive changes since 0.75. Many new FAQ entries added.
  • Feature Addition: Added two new question to the Mazzifier. One asks if you want extra statistical information add-ons, while the other asks if you play multiple characters. Classified add-ons that fit those characteristics.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now mazzify SmartBuff with different settings based on your class and abilities.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleHUD now also shows a rough estimate of the distance to the target. This option can be turned off in MazzleOptions.
  • Feature Addition: Added option to turn off strobing red of bottom panel when aggro is gained
  • Feature Addition: Added an option to turn off alt-clicking to trade
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI combat efficiency mode will now only toggle performance items that make sense in that mode, namely 3D model animation, HUD range checking, name plates, spell effects, and unit frame update rate. All other performance items will no longer have a checkbox for combat mode in MazzleOptions either.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI manual efficiency mode will now only toggle performance items that make sense in that mode, namely everything except BigWigs and SmartDebuff.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI Efficiency mode can now turn timer bar add-ons on and off.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI Efficiency mode can now turn spell effects down.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI Efficiency mode can now turn Smart Debuff off.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI Efficiency mode can now pause SWStats and DamageMeters. These items are separate from the Recap toggling. (Please verify if it works in raid after joing sync channel)
  • Feature Addition: If the user does not explicitly tell MazzleUI what it considers 'high video settings', it will present them with a warning when they switch to an efficiency mode that changes to the graphics level. This warning has a button that will take them directly to the FAQ entry on how to do it. This should hopefully help those people who don't bother to read the FAQ and then wonder why they're losing graphics performance.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI will now toggle Baggins instead of Blizzard bags if it is enabled. Mazzifier will no longer disable auto-open option when Baggins is selected. Mazzifier will reset this setting to on for everybody.
  • Feature Addition: When toggling or hiding SmartDebuff, it will now also hide the bag and menu bar if visible in addition to moving MT windows
  • Feature Addition: Added options GUI for GoGoMount's options
  • Feature Addition: Added options GUI for Fizzwidget's Disenchant Predictor
  • Feature Addition: Added options GUI for SuperInspect
  • Feature Addition: Added options GUI for Free Refills
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: MonkeyBuddy now load on demand. You can open it via MazzleOptions.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: XCalc now load-on-demand. MazzleUI will only load it if you click on the hotspot.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Override added for SmartDebuff that changed its initialization to allow it to be enabled and disabled in-game for use with MazzleUI efficiency mode.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Clicking on a button will no longer pick up that action when you have the 'Show Empty Buttons' feature on. You can now play the game while showing all the empty buttons.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Disabled gfxToggle from calling SetBaseMip, which is causing some custom textures to disappear when toggling efficiency mode.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Added optional dependencies to King of the Jungle so it will run without embedded libs.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Added cyCircled override so that it applies to the context menu. Does not fully work yet. Button shapes changed but textures aren't visible.
  • Code Improvement: Re-embedded libraries that are only used by one add-on back into their add-on. Not sure if this is a good idea, but it cleans up the add-on directory a little bit. Sieve, RollCall, UTF8, ChatThrottleLib, JostLib, TipLib, and AnchorsAway
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier font scale and Fubar font size changes will now apply immediately.
  • Code Improvement: Updated Mazzifier's warned and conflict list.
  • Code Improvement: Removed several obsolete add-on overrides.
  • Code Improvement: Removed obsolete efficiency mode toggles: button hiding, compass disabling, DFM and DART update rates.
  • Code Improvement: Updated and fixed many MazzleOptions items (Needs testing)
  • Settings Change: All efficiency mode settings will be reset in this version to accomodate all the new changes.
  • Settings Change: Mazzifier will now modify swstats window's width when mazzifying.
  • Layout Change: Bottom right hotspot behavior changed. Left-clicking will open ItemSync. Right-clicking will open XCalc. Top-right hotspot also changed. Left-clicking will toggle ItemRack. Right-clicking will toggle Smart Debuff if it's enabled.
  • Layout Change: Tower captured states moved to top left corner. It's less likely to overlap stuff there than the center where MT windows and raid frames may be.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed MonkeyQuest bug that created odd "1" tooltips. It was a problem in MonkeyBuddy. (Thanks to Trentin for telling me where to look).
  • Bug Fix: MazzleUI Efficiency mode will correctly toggle Recap again
  • Bug Fix: MazzleUI Efficiency mode will once again correctly suspend camera adjustments
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now create bindings for add-ons that are enabled by don't have settings Mazzified (like TinyPad)
  • Bug Fix: Various mana/damage oils and sharpening stones should once again be placed correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Applied fix to CharacterInfo storage for negative id's
  • Bug Fix: Changed to SuperInspect that might fix bug some people are having inspecting some people.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will no longer tell you that add-on settings need update if a class-only add-on needs updating that is not for you class. (While it wasn't asking you to enable before, it did show a 'Needs Update' next to the add-on settings checkbox.)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will once again correctly enable the appropriate Cartographer modules based on skills and the questions answered in the add-on selection pane
  • Bug Fix: Fixed raid icons in target frames
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will try hiding 'confusing' windows several times. This is so they will be properly hidden on both slower and faster computers.
  • Bug Fix: Added ShardAceFire button to delayed hide list. It should hide more reliably now.
  • Bug Fix: XLoot anchor should properly be placed now at 1.25 and 1.33 aspects. Mazzifier will first set the scale of the frame before calculating its position.
  • Bug Fix: Button overlays now work again. You'll see a red border around the efficiency mode button if you're in manual efficiency mode. You'll also see a red border around the Recap button if it currently not tracking damage.
  • Button Layout Change: Pet bar in 1.25 aspect mage layout scaled to 73% to leave enough room for TradeDispensor. (Also trade dispensor moved further left.)
  • Button Layout Change: Prospecting added to trade skills that will be placed in the context menu
  • Bindings Change: Added binding for LFG window to core set. (control-L)
  • Bindings Change: Hunter Mend Pet now Ctrl-X for consistency with other layouts
  • Bindings Change: Added focus keybindings. Shift-F to set focus and alt-f to target focus. Hunter layout's assist binding changed from alt-f to ctrl-f to accomodate this changes.
  • Add-On Change: Re-Added FuBar GarbageFu
  • Add-On Change: Removed FuBar ReagentFu from warlock set. Redundant with ShardAce display and there simply wasn't enough room in FuBar.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced Fizzwidget's Feed-O-Matic with King of the Jungle. Feed-O-Matic was having some sort of conflict with Ratings buster, possible item link issue. Added positional info for feed button too.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced MCP with ACP.
  • Add-On Change: Removed BigWigs KLH add-on. Obsolete.
  • Add-On Change: Added Free Refills
  • Add-On Change: Added cyCircled and settings. This add-on is optional, so user must answer a question to have it installed.

MazzleUI 0.95b Posted To Beta Testers
By: Mazzlefizz - 01-25-07 06:10 PM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar

0.95 Change Log

  • Feature Addition Made tons of changes to our version of Bongos to make it much easier to modify your layouts. All of the problematic aspects that resulted from our changes in the paging mechanism should now be remedied. I think it's very intuitive now.
    • When adding buttons or pages to a bar, you no longer have to re-arrange your spells afterwards. MazzleUI will compensate for the changes in action IDs by moving your spells and keybindings around so they stay in the same exact buttons.
    • You can once again add bars again normally using the slider in the options window. You don't have to do that odd process with the mega-bar described in the forums any more.
    • When new bars are added, Bongos no longer resets the bar position of all your bars. All existing bars will stay place, while any new bars you add will be arranged in an empty part of the screen so that you can quickly grab them and put them where you want them.
    • Number of available pages and bar size now uses the number of free actions slots to determine the maximum value. This should now insure every button on every page will always have a unique action associated with it. Essentially, it now behaves like DAB did, i.e like it's using a pool of action IDs rather than a stream of them. (underlying still uses a stream though)
    • After changing any appearance settings that affects how much space a bar takes up (like spacing or columns), MazzleUI will re-adjust positions of the bars to honor anchors in the layout.
    • If you change the number of pages slider, Bongos will now automatically turn on/off pages for that bar. By default, that bar will use standard Blizzard paging. If you want it to use stances, you'll still need to add stance rules in the Bongos global options.
    • When adding buttons or pages to bar, Bongos will no longer create the big mega-bar filled with free action IDs
    • When changing the number of bars, the number of pages or any other setting in a slider, Bongos will apply settings only when you're done moving the slider. Previously, it would redo the bars over and over while you moved the slider, making it very sluggish.
    • Bongos no longer enforces an arbitrary limit of 12 columns. Columns will now always be your bar size or a value you set to be lower than that.
    • Disabled sticky settings by default so that layouts will not be messed up when you right click a bar to change settings
    • Made maximum number of bars a fixed 25 rather than 120 to make it easier to get the exact value you want.
    • You can once again change the opacity slider in the options popup. The window needed to be made larger and anchored differently to accomodate the extra slider that Tiger added about a month ago.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier spell and skill action placement should now work for all languages! (Thank you, BabbleSpell) Some item placement stuff will not work, but there's really not many of those items.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier will now change Fubar font size and scale other fonts to 115% and 130$ when changing the font size setting, so the font size option now affects more than just the chat window. This will affect things like the StatusWindow items and Tooltip text.
  • Feature Addition MazzleUI panel will now osciallate a red color when player gains aggro.
  • Feature Addition Added entries MazzleUI fubar menu to allow you to access quickly unlock bongos bars, unlock buttons, show empty buttons and open bongos options.
  • Feature Addition Bottom right hotspot behavior changed. Left-clicking will open ItemSync. Right-clicking will toggle Smart Debuff. If raid MT windows are visible and in the side position mode, it will switch MT windows to the top so that it doesn't overlap Smart Debuff. Will switch it back to side if Smart Debuff is hidden again.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier will now check your skills and not install Cartographer Herbalism or Mining unless you have the corresponding skill. You must also answer yes to the question in add-on selection.
  • Feature Addition New entry in MazzleUI Fubar menu that opens CharacterInfo's bank/inventory viewers. There wasn't an obvious way to access this before for users who did not know about the add-on.
  • Feature Addition Added Blizzard's LFG button to the buttons dynamically arranged on the right side of the UI.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier will now configure SmartBuff and SmartDebuff. Feedback on settings appreciated.
  • Feature Addition Added SmartBuff's minimap button to the buttons dynamically arranged on the right side of the UI, since it's something whose settings you may tweak often.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier will now configure ItemSync.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier asks additional questions about types of cartographer notes you want automatically recorded and whether you want specific raid addons installed.
  • Bug Fix When there are multiple actions for one button, Mazzifier will now consider them in the correct order. Higher priority items should now be placed correctly, for example Polymorph Turtle instead of Polymorph Sheep. This is especially important for layouts where things were ordered in a specific way to make the layout work better for lower level characters.
  • Bug Fix Bongos should no longer occasionally hide bars even though show empty buttons is checked. (Previously if you dragged an action, empty buttons would erroneously hide even though setting said it shouldn't.)
  • Bug Fix Clique settings will be Mazzified again. There was a settings format change.
  • Bug Fix Review 3d model camera angles. Several were fixed. Please report any ones that seem wrong. Include screenshots if possible
  • Bug Fix You can once again tickle the 3d models to start a random animation. You must now right-click and drag in a tickling motion to do it.
  • Bug Fix/Workaround Disabled lines in autobar that were giving Warlocks error until the problem is resolved by the Author.
  • Bug Fix/Workaround Possible fix for StatusWindow's durability error that some characters are seeing. I think it's caused by the same problem that's cause SuperInspect to have issues.
  • Code Improvement MazzleUI Fubar menu will now close the menu when user selects an option that open up other frames.
  • Code Improvement Mazzifier will now hide more cluttering windows before initial Mazzification.
  • Code Improvement Mazzifier will now place party and raid chat in ChatFrame4 instead of obsolete LFG. Chat frame now called "Group"
  • Code Improvement Recap button will no longer show if user does not have Recap enabled
  • Code Improvement You can no longer click cast on the 3d models. This will give the user an easy place to select the target or access the party righ-click menu while still being able to click cast on the rest of the unit frame.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification Added 45 second chronometer timer that starts when Water Elemental is summoned.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification Removed RestFu's periodic updating. Experimental. I don't see why it needs to be updated every 3 seconds. I think the event-based updates should be sufficient.
  • Layout Change Added positional information for SmartBuff and SmartDebuff frames.
  • Layout Change Added positional info for XLoot's group looting. Changed scaling to 150%.
  • Layout Change ShardAce's firestone button will now be hidden. There no longer is room with the addition of some new minimap buttons in that area.
  • Layout Change Moved scrollframe reminder buttons so they don't overlap bottom panel border
  • Add-On Change Replaced PerformanceFu with GCInfoFu. (We were just using it for garbage collection and don't need the other stuff)
  • Add-On Change Added Fubar AutolootFu and FuBar RestFu. I've been finding both of these quite useful, especially now that we're all levelling and questing again.
  • Add-On Change Removed BigWigs C'Thun Assistant and BigWigs NefCount. I don't think very many people are running AQ or BWL much right now.
  • Add-On Change Added SmartBuff. Is now a core add-on.
  • Add-On Changed Added Smart Debuff. I added this as an optional add-on you have to answer a question to get enabled. My only concern is that it's a little bit redundant -- you can do this via sRaid and Clique pretty much in the same way -- and uses a good deal of space. I added position info to place it in the same spot that raid frames go on the right (where NeedyList used to be). I'm guessing it also uses as much resources as simple raid frames would. sRaidFrames also now has a 'Grid' view. It's possible I can use that in the future as another hot-swappable layout that could serve the same function as SmartDebuff. Until I get back into a raiding situation where it's necessary, I won't know. We'll see.
  • Add-On Change Removed xcalc. I simply never used it. Took a quick poll of friends and they never needed it. It's probably useful to some people, but I decided it wasn't generally used enough to make it a staple.
  • Add-On Change Added FuXpFu. Attaches nifty xp bar border to FuBar. Wish we didn't have to run 3 xp add-ons that overlap so much, but each one has a really cool feature. Also added settings to Mazzifier to set colors to match UI's color scheme.
  • Add-On Changed Added BigWigs_KLHTMTarget. Mazzifier will only enable BigWigs_KLHTMTarget if both KLHTM and BigWigs are enabled.
  • Options Change MazzleOptions updated for changed add-ons. Several new options GUI elements added.
  • FAQ Update Added SmartBuff question with author's FAQ and description
  • Bindings Change Added SmartBuff binding (Ctrl-D). Only installed if user chooses a package with SmartBuff.
  • Settings Change Re-ordered names on chronometer and antagonist timer bars to show name of spell or effect first, and name of enemy second. This was done b/c the names of some mobs are very long. It's better they get truncated rather than the spell name or effect.
  • Button Layout Change Mage context menu changed to handle four new porting spells on first page and molten armor. Most mana gems moved to second page as well as hearthstone. If you don't have molten armor, hearthstone will still be on first page.

0.94b Posted
By: Mazzlefizz - 01-17-07 09:33 AM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar

Note: This version is not publically available. It's only for the beta testers.

Change Log
  • Feature Addition: Changed some stuff in Bongos and added supplemental code so that it's much easier edit your layouts now.
  • Feature Addition: When you change the numbers of buttons in a bar via Bongos, MazzleUI will automatically move bars back to the relative anchors specified by the layout you chose. This makes it behave a little more like DAB did. Note that you can also still drag bars around. This only happens when you add buttons.
    • You'll still have to move all your actions around b/c the id->bar mapping will change, but at least you don't have to lay everything out again.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI will automatically hide the big, weird mega bar that's created as a result of Tigerheart's paging changes.
  • Code Improvement: Completely rewrote action placing portion of button layout algorithm. It's much more streamlined now. This fixed several bugs.
    • Spells and items are more accurately found. For example, it no longer misses certain spells, like cold blood.
    • If I can find any spell localization info, I can also make it work in other languages more easily now. Ace's babblelib doesn't seem to have what I need though. I haven't had time to look, so if anyone has any suggestions where I can find localized spell names (not icon names), please contact me.
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier will now store generalized button layout information when you mazzify. This will allow a much improved button interface in the future.
  • Bug Fix: HUD text will no longer inherit transparency level from the HUD. I put them in their own frame so that they are always fully opaque.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier's button layout algorithm will no longer create illegal bars of length 0 when you don't have the right spells. This was bugging Bongos out and creating those huge misplaced buttons. (A hidden bar of length 1 will be created. General solution of deleting bars from layout and shifting other bars around was too much of a PITA.)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now correctly place Shoot action instead of deprecated Shoot gun, crossbow, bow actions.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier should place Detect invisibility correctly again. (It was in there as Detect Greater Invisibility and Detect Lesser Invisibility. Weird.)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now set global show grid on buttons to true for all 'simple' layouts. This is to avoid the Bongos bug with disappearing empty bars.
  • Bug Fix: sRaidFrames overrides updated for settings change
  • Bug Fix: Forced Status Windows to initialize before being placed. Hopefully, this will resolve some issues people are having with the status windows not being put in the correct position.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will no longer ask you to one-time enable add-ons for Mazzification if that add-on is not applicable to your class.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now only enable libraries after it ask you whether you want to one-time enable add-ons for Mazzification.
  • Bug Fix: Button size that was too small on one of Durzil's shaman layout fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Several windows will now be positioned correctly even when you're not in a raid. (please report any that don't seem to be like bigwigs, resurrection monitor, etc.)
  • Settings Change: Even though it's technically an add-on setting, autobar position will also be set when you choose to Mazzify your layout.

MazzleUI 0.93b Posted!
By: Mazzlefizz - 01-13-07 02:35 PM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar

0.93 Change Log
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI no longer uses Discord Art. All panel textures, hotspots and the HUD are now done completely in the MazzleUI add-on. Should allow for faster startup and less memory use. It also simplifies Mazzification.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI no longer uses Discord Frame Modifier. Login should be sped up, and, if you now moves frames, they will stay there. Also eliminates any potential problems with DFM's various hooks.
    • Mazzifier will now only position most frames once. It will use either the add-on's internal mechanism, if it exists, or the layout cache.
    • MazzleUI will still change frame properites and place certain Blizzard frames on login.
    • The one problem with using the layout cache is that, if you disable an add-on for even one login, you will lose the position of all frames that add-on uses. To remedy this, MazzleUI will check all user-placed frames on login. If the user-placed flag is not set, it will reset it's position to the MazzleUI default.
  • Feature Addition: Target box hotspots now handled completely in MazzleUI and no longer uses TargetButtons. Compared to the original, this uses significantly less memory and cpu.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleHUD now has several new settings you can adjust: scale, position, separation, percentage/actual mob health amounts.
  • Feature Addition: Clicking on the bottom left hotspot now allows you to copy any text in the currently selected chat frame. (via Prat)
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now disable auto bag opening for those of you who choose the all in one bag option
  • Bug Fix: Several frames are now more reliably-placed, like the oRA resurrection frames and Antagonist bars.
  • Bug Fix: Should no longer get errors caused by improperly referenced functions is certain ace ScheduleLeaveCombatActions calls.
  • Bug Fix: Layout override updated for new options format of sRaidFrames
  • Bug Fix: sRaidFrames should no longer trigger blocking errors when a raid member leaves the group or goes offline.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier now sets strata of detached chat frames. Hopefully, this should stop the chat windows going behind the panel.
  • Bug Fix: Antagonist will no longer move with the HUD health.
  • Bug Fix: MonkeyQuestLog now properly placed adjacent to MonkeyQuest
  • Bug Fix: Target hotspots will no longer display above the world map
  • Bug Fix: Scroll reminder will now show correctly when logging in. (Before you had to switch chat tabs at least once.)
  • Bug Fix: PetInfo no longer blank. (Icon seems bugged in original add-on)
  • Bug Fix: oRA MT window should move more reliably now
  • Bug Fix: Efficiency mode and Gfxtoggle should no longer cause your minimap texture to disappear. The minimap border still disappears though.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzlegasm time throttle removed to see if that's the issue with people not getting them. (Let me know if you don't)
  • Bug Fix: SCT should now again be mazzified. (small change in format)
  • Bug Fix: Prat settings should again Mazzify correctly. (There were many setting format changes in Prat 2.0)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier add-on selection should produce more intuitive results. Any add-on that has an explicit question will no longer also be disabled by the Complete, Faster Loading, Faster CPU and Minimum set settings. (before it was the conjunction of the set and the question)
  • Bug Fix: Collapsing bars enabled. (It was commented out accidentally. How could everyone miss that advertised new feature wasn't working?!?)
  • Bug Fix: MazzleUI will once again show WarmUp's window automatically if it is enabled.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Closing monkeyquest will now also close monkeyquestlog if it's open
  • Code Improvement: MazzleHUD no longer uses DUF to display health and mana numbers.
  • Layout Change: Combo points now displayed left of the HUD so that it will not overlap cooldown messages and antagonist.
  • Layout Change: Added positioning information for KLHT
  • Settings Change: Added alt-b as an alternate open all bags binding for those who use alternate bag add-ons
  • Settings Change: Monkeyquest tooltip anchored to bottom left. Looks a littl eodd, but least likely position to overlap other things.
  • Settings Change: oCD minimum is set to 1.6 to avoid global cooldown timers
  • Settings Change: xLoot thresholds set much higher. It was really spamming stuff with the default settings.
  • Add-On Change: Removed EasyCopy. Similar functionality is built into prat now.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced KCItems with TooltipExchange. I'm kinda torn about this one, but I'll try it at least until new version of KC Items becomes available. TE definitely uses more memory overall than KCI and can potentially cause lag issues since it can communicate with others to build up it's item database. To be safe, I've set it to not save any items in its database that's not rare (already the default setting) and to not communicate with other users. Feel free to experiment with those settings and report your findings.
    • KCItems hotspot will now open TooltipExchange. Mazzifier will automatically instruct TE to mine your item cache when mazzifying the add-on.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced MailTo and gMail with Postal.
  • Add-On Change: Removed AHFavorites and WhoFavorites. This was done b/c they were the last two Ace 1 add-ons. I hope to bring them back.
  • Add-On Change: Added PerformanceFu so people can initiate a garbage collection more easily
  • Add-On Change: Replaced SpecialTalentUI with Talented. There seemed to be a couple taint issues with the former. Also Talented seems a little lighter.
  • Add-On Change: AuctionFilter plus temporarily removed to simplify finding blocking issues
  • Add-On Change: Temporarily removed FuBar GarbageFu. Author quit the game and the current version is a debug one that does full item scans every 60 seconds.
  • Tigerheart fixes:
    • Bug Fix: MCP not deleting profiles correctly. May have also been tainting stuff. (Tigerheart fix)
    • Bug Fix: Redundant hooks removed from context menu. (Tigerheart fix)
    • Bug Fix: Miscellaneous taint fixes?

0.92b Now Posted To The Beta Forums!
By: Mazzlefizz - 01-03-07 04:15 PM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar

Change Log:
  • Feature Addition: 200+ cameras added to handle all new BC models and current changed models (please report any models that look off)
    • Note: There seems to be significant differences between the models on the live servers and those on BC. Some stuff may be off when on live, but I'm not going to re-adjust unless BC is significantly delayed.
  • Feature Addition: Automatically opening bags at bank, trade, merchent, auction house now an option. (useful for those who add all-in-one bag addons)
  • Feature Addition: Button layouts can now specify to allow duplicates on a per bar basis. Should fix problems with button layouts with spec or role-based pages, and layouts like joypunk's that have lots of duplicates.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now pre-parse button layouts and check for skills you don't have, then adjust the size of bars accordingly. This will make the layouts look a lot more like they used to with DAB's 'collapse buttons' setting. This pre-parsing will be skipped for any bar that has a 'show empty buttons' setting, for example, bars intended for miscellaneous skills or bars in the simple layouts.
  • Feature Addition: ToT HotSpot changed from a texture to a secure button with click casting capability. The entire area below the target unit frame (where it shows "Looking at..." will behave like a ToT frame with using up anymore space in the layout.
  • Bug Fix: Added MovableBags to mazzifier list so that it can reset everybody's faulty bag positions
  • Bug Fix: Adjusted buff and debuff so that they grow the right way, based on DUF inexplicable new behavior
  • Bug Fix: Both weapon buff frames should show properly now with buff timers
  • Bug Fix: Buff and debuff frames adjusted so they don't overlap oCD timer bars in all three aspects
  • Bug Fix: Changed all $tn references in DUF layouts to new $ut text string. Should fix target of targets not updating. (Actually, doesn't seem to work at all now. :/)
  • Bug Fix: Changed combat queue calls from CQ library to Ace's ScheduleLeaveCombatAction
  • Bug Fix: Changed raid layout changes to be queued if they occur during combat lockdown
  • Bug Fix: Changing raid layout or MT position when in combat no longer causes blocked errors
  • Bug Fix: Changing raid layout or MT position when not in a raid no longer throws errors
  • Bug Fix: Chat tabs will once again hide when not flashing or moused over
  • Bug Fix: Context menu hotspot will work without having to manually hide the context menu first (Tigerheart fix)
  • Bug Fix: Context menu will hide when it's on page 2 (Tigerheart fix)
  • Bug Fix: Disabled ToT hotspot until I can add a secure button for it
  • Bug Fix: Druid stance rules changed so that prowl keeps the bar on the cat page.
  • Bug Fix: Fizzwidget's track menu will no longer give blocking errors (Tigerheart fix)
  • Bug Fix: Map HotSpot now correctly opens Cartographer world map.
  • Bug Fix: Mazz3D options will correctly register and unregister events again
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will once again hide extra bars initially.
  • Bug Fix: MazzleUI will no longer try to unregister events it was unable to register before. (like the UNIT_MANA people were reporting)
  • Bug Fix: oCD will no longer throw an error with pet classes (Tigerheart fix)
  • Bug Fix: WitchHunt override changed so that it will now be properly placed in all resolutions.
  • Button Layout Change: Added 'Prayer of Spirit' to priest layouts
  • Button Layout Change: Following layouts now allow duplicates: Mazzle Mage, Joypunk Warrior, Mazzle Priest, Mazzle Paladin, Mazzle Shaman, Durzil Shaman, Mazzle Druid.
  • Button Layout Change: Mage 1.25 and Mage 1.33 layouts changed to make room for Trade Dispenser and to not overlap right chat window.
  • Button Layout Change: Rogue layout changed so stealth skills now appear on main bar. Old stealth bar will stay fixed with vanish, feint, kick. Main action bar's second page will now contain Cheap Shot, Ambush, Garrote, Sap, Mutilate. New skills set up to shift down the bar for lower level rogues.
  • Layout Change: Increased buff and debuff slots as much as layouts would allow in each aspect ratio. (Usually around 32 can be seen now)
  • MazzleOptions changed: Credits, Changelog updated. A few minor FAQ questions updated.
  • Settings Change: Capping settings and positional information added to Mazzifier.
  • Settings Change: ShardAce summon buttons now grow upwards. Also added override so that minimap based-placement cannot occur.
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Change GFW Trackmenu to grow up to work better in MazzleUI layout
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Changed Movable Bags to set the bags as user placed so that positions stick
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Removed Book of Crafts override. Bug fixed by author.
  • Add-On Change: Added Baggins as an all-in-one bag type add-on. Off by default with a question to enable in the Mazzifier. Settings and bindings also added.
  • Add-On Change: Added FuBar GarbageFu
  • Add-On Change: Removed AH Quick Search. Functionality overlaps with MailTo.
  • Add-On Change: Removed Mars Quest Organizer It seems to conflict with MonkeyQuest now.
  • Add-On Change: Removed TankPoints (don't know if anyone uses, and not very accessible unless you know about it)

2.0 Compatible MazzleUI Getting Near Completion
By: Mazzlefizz - 12-18-06 10:35 AM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar I'm currently working on a 2.0 version. Given the genearlized nature of this projects, it's taking a lot of work. It's almost dones, and a version should be posted to the beta group soon.

Remember, if you made a donation, please send me a message with the e-mail you sent it from, so I can thank you and add you to the beta group if you wish.

0.75 Released
By: Mazzlefizz - 11-29-06 05:51 PM
Mazzlefizz's Avatar
Just a maintenance release. Probably the last version before the patch.

MazzleUI 0.75 Changes
  • Feature Addition: Added poison and sharpening stone sets. Mazzifier should now put those items in the correct spots in the rogue layouts.
  • Feature Addition: User can now only have one Mazzlegasm per hour. Everyone needs a little recovery time.
  • Bug Fix: Disabled Prat's sticky features. Was conflicting with ChatManager's and preventing typing in custom chat channels
  • Bug Fix: Hunter bar changing will now work when user doesn't have rank 2 wing clip.
  • Bug Fix: Rogue layout now properly places poison trade skill
  • Bug Fix: Added 3 missing level 40 skeletal horse mounts to Mazzifier
  • Bug Fix: MazzleOptions General options now lined up
  • Bug Fix: All categories now check in KC Items scanning (before it was just recipes)
  • Bug Workaround: MazzleUI will no longer show when WarmUp frame when it is enabled by the user right before Mazzifying.
  • Button Layout Change: Added Mazzlefizz's Hunter Layout 2. Same as the first layout but with range bar switching when out of range to be the opposite of the main one.
  • Button Layout Change: Added higher levels of True Shot Aura
  • Button Layout Change: Check several key bindings per request from original author
  • Button Layout Change: Changed alt-r bindings in many layouts (20 of them). Alt-r was supposed to be for reply.
  • Settings Change: Added FuBar MageFu. Changed default to conjure cinnabuns. If you don't yet have that, you will need to change the setting in MageFu to the level of items you do have.
  • New FAQ: Added "Usage[/color]: Class-Specific" category
  • New FAQ: Mage Fu does not conjure cinnabuns or does not conjure level of something I don't have.
  • New FAQ: Mage Fu does not show.
  • New FAQ: What are those dots on my screen? (DoTimer)
  • New FAQ: What is this little square on my screen? (Sorren's Hunter Timer)
  • New FAQ: My hunter bars are not switching the way I like them.
  • New FAQ: How to turn off self-casting
  • New FAQ: I click on this button and it picks up my weapon.
  • New FAQ: Bottom or side bars are showing
  • New FAQ: What is this list of addons on my screen
  • New FAQ: My MT windows aren't showing.
  • New FAQ: I can't find a button for my mount
  • New FAQ: Is there a way to make the UI bigger.
  • New FAQ: I want to change my keybindings for buttons. Where do I do that.
  • Updated Add-ons:: DoTimer v1.2 BETA,,,, !,,,,, !!!,