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Upgrade Instructions
Welcome BACK to MazzleUI!

You should only follow the steps in this document if you already have MazzleUI installed.

Step 1: Extract MazzleUI Files

a) Create a directory called "MazzleUI" on the desktop or somewhere else handy.
b) Extract the contents of the zip file into the MazzleUI directory

Step 2: Delete Your Old INTERFACE Folder

a) Go to your World of Warcraft directory (usually C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft)
b) Rename the "Interface" folder to "Interface Old"

Note: Do not delete or rename your WTF folder. The Mazzifier will upgrade your settings when you log in.

Step 3: Copy over the new UI files

a) Drag "Interface" folder from the MazzleUI directory in step 1 to your World of Warcraft directory.
b) If you are on a PC: Drag the "Font" folder from the MazzleUI directory in step 1 to your World of Warcraft directory. Note: It'll ask you whether you want to overwrite files. Respond with "Yes to All".
- Note: The fonts almost never change. It's usually safe to skip this step.
- VERY IMPORTANT: If you are on a Mac and already have a font folder, make sure to move each file from the font folder in the directory you made in step 1 to the font folder in your World of Warcraft directory. Do not just drop the entire font folder in, since the default behavior on a Mac is to replace the entire contents of the directory, i.e. delete your old files.

Step 4: Copy Over Any Extra Add-Ons
If there are any extra add-ons you manually installed, copy them over from your "Interface Old" folder to your new "Interface" folder.

Step 5: Log into Your Characters
a) Log fully in to your character
b) The Mazzifier should automatically pop up
c) Follow the instructions to do a MazzleUI upgrade
Note: When upgrading your UI, your character may scream out initially in enjoyment. They may even moan or dance. If you are not comfortable with that, do not install it or don't install in earshot of others.
Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

Repeat this process for each character.