nUI Related Addons
So as not to confuse people that haven't seen nUI in action as an addon in its own right I thought I would clarify things somewhat.

nUI is a complete interface that doesn't rely on third party addons to work. K Scott Piel works on the addon personally and can be found almost 24 hrs on the forums it seems answering queries and incorporating changes and features.

My nUI : InfoPanel addons need nUI and the respective addons ( apart from GuildChat that is ) to work correctly. Info Panels add extra functionality to the interface by repositioning addons in a panel in the bottom right of the interface. Other than positioning the addons themselves work as if they were elsewhere except that only one addon in an infopanel can be viewed at a time.

EG. If you need healbot and decursive running at the same time then don't use one of the infopanels.