Under Development
WDN Mobile Status Bars
  • Move common functions to a standalone library
  • Add the ability to dock and sticky frames to one another
  • Make text on the tooltips and status bars customizable
  • Add a reputation bar
  • Add a profession tracking bar

WDN Mobile Minimap
  • Move common functions to a standalone library
  • Make the ring around the minimap skinnable
  • Add additional options for configuration of the minimap

WDN Guild Manager
  • Brand new addon that will replace the current guild list
  • Automatic updating of professions for each guild member that has it installed
  • Ability to group members by common accounts (alts, mains, etc...)
  • Ability to run common filters such as level ranges, professions, etc....
  • Ability to track access to certain dungeons (like the Karazhan key)
  • Extended window that displays all relevant information rather than having to hit an arrow to display more...

WDN Quest Manager
  • Extended display of quests that doesn't require scrolling
  • Ability to view the quests of others in your group if they have this addon installed
  • Ability to filter quests by those shared with other members, and various other criteria
  • Ability to automatically say things in group when you achieve a quest objective, obtain a quest, and other relevant data
  • More expansive quest tracker display that can display as many quests as you want up to the 25 limit