Future Concepts
Visitors are strongly encouraged to express their interest in any of these concepts. Perhaps we could get a collaborative work going.

Abacus - If you look at ButtonHole (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=2040), you'll see an excellent organizational concept. Abacus would like to solve the same problem in a different way: by giving your minimap buttons 'substance', so that they jostle against each other like the beads of a bracelet.

Chat Trick - I'm still debating the name. This AddOn would cure you of 'mis-tells' by giving you an audible alert whenever changes of the conversation occur. (E.G.: Someone says something in /g, but you respond in /p. Chat Trick would ding and place a small button that you can use to select the correct chat channel.)

Chaperone for Atlas - There must be a way to see how far into the dungeon your party is, without being there yourself ... :rolleyes:

Completely Mental - Similar to LootLink (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=130), except that it would collect information on the abilities discovered on humanoids by the Priest ability Mind Control.

Cooldown Snitch - Argh! Sapped again - by the same rogue! Ever wonder how often they can do that? Snitch would attempt to warn you when your opponent's cooldowns are reached, so you can anticipate their every move.

Corpse Decay - Stay advised of how long you have to loot a corpse before it crumbles into dust. I will attempt to insert a handy feature for skinners into this mod.

Help Desk - The scope of this project is so large, I'd rather just surprise people with it. :)

Life of the Party - All the people that would have this AddOn installed would be able to break into coordinated dance. No, not /dance. Choreographed dance, with jumping and movement.

Persistence - Adapt the 'delayed target' phenomenon observable in healing spells so that it can work with offensive spells.

Recognition - Add distinctive colors to the names of the people in your friends list and guild, when those names are spotted in the General Chat or auction.

Socialite - Expand the capacity of the Friends List beyond 50 characters. Periodically clean out names that have been inactive for a while.

Spell Target Announce - Announce your spell targets to the group. Mostly useful to healers. I realize this has been done a million times, but ... they're all done poorly.

Spell Wheels - Turn any action button into a circle of several buttons. Mousing over the buttons you choose will present a series of spells that are related to that button. You define what that relationship is.

Tutor: Scrollbars - A tutorial for the prospective LUA developer. I will attempt to show how the two types of scrolling windows work. Assuming I figure that out myself...