ToDo List:
  • Possible Cooldown display. For all buttons?
  • Possible Range display (for non-totem spells)?
  • Add Totem timers back in? Shaman-specific Add-on.

Completed for Next Release:


Change Log:
  • Added Spell Rank to center button.
  • Fixed a bug causing the center button icon to change to Strength of Earth Totem when adding or removing a ring.

  • Updated Ace Libraries.

  • Ensure Unlimited number of Rings.
  • Fix FuBar Text show/hide, and minimap button positioning.
  • Added a "Lock Positions" function to the FuBar menu. Defaults to Unlocked. Shared among all characters.
  • Hotkeys added for all buttons via FuBar menu.
    Shockolate>RingName>Keybindings>Desired Button. Hold Ctrl/Alt/Shift as desired, press desired key. Then press [Enter] to save the hotkey. Use [Escape] then [Enter] with "None" displayed to remove hotkey.
    (This function WILL overwrite over functions assigned to this hotkey, but will inform in chat as to what was un-bound.)
  • If you hide a Ring then click Show, it shows ALL buttons, not just those that were visible originally (hidden smaller buttons reappear). -- Fixed.

  • Shockolate now works for all classes. Creation of Rings now results in an empty ring, no defaults at all.
  • Keybindings do not work at this time. Trying to figure out the best way of doing them--next release! :(
  • Dragging spells out of the Rings requires Shift to be held down. Also, in combat, the mod will not attempt to remove spells.
  • Totem timers no longer display. This will be added back in next release.

  • Fire Elemental Totem is not properly showing the remaining duration.
  • Fixed FuBar Tooltip display of Reincarnation Cooldown to show in minutes instead of always in seconds. Oops!
  • Add unit of time (typically "sec," but possibly "m") to displayed timer text.
  • Added options to Show/Hide Fubar Text and Icon.

  • Error, Line 1317, nil value. Fixed.
  • Fire Elemental Totem was missing its timer. Added.
  • Spell not always max rank. Hold Shift *during dragging* to use the rank dragged. If Shift is not held down, it will use the max rank. Also note, ranks will not auto-upgrade when you train a new rank if you set a specific rank this way.
  • Spells can be removed from a button by SHIFT+DRAGGING from the button. This should prevent an accidental removal. This *cannot* be done during combat. As always, the same rules apply for removing the buttons via the options UI.
  • Changed some Default totems for the main button of each ring, based on feedback.
  • Changed number of buttons for each ring to 8 + main button, based on feedback. Might change to a lower number if requested.
  • Added the option (in FuBar menu) to change text color of countdown texts.
  • Added the option to Show/Hide individual buttons to FuBar (was already in main UI).
  • Added a "Fade" option for expiring totems. It fades the button in and out from 8-0 seconds remaining to visually alert you to expiring totems.

v0.02 - *Major SavedVariables Changes -- All Options Reset*
  • Fixed Scale to resize mini buttons as well as main buttons.
  • Added support for Macros in all slots.
  • Renamed "Weapon Ring" to "Utility Ring."
  • Added ability to change ring names. UI in Progress. (Finished in FuBar.)
  • Added support for multiple setups of rings (ex: Solo, Raid, Default). UI finished!
  • Fixed Keybindings. Woo! UI finished!
  • Added sliders for Ring button Scale and Radius.
  • Added FuBar support.
    • Tooltip shows Reincarnation cooldown, Totem duration remaining, and Reagent count for Ankh, Shiny Fish Scale, and Fish Oil.
    • Menu allows for almost all functions allowed in the options UI, except for assigning spells.
    • Add Position slider for each button for FuBar. Still need to do this for the regular UI.

  • Added Show/Hide entire ring checkbox.
  • Added Ring Scale option.
  • Created 5 Rings: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Weapon/other.
  • Added "Totem Duration" timers for all totem types.
  • Added "Reincarnation" timer, shown in "Weapon/other" Ring.
  • Added Opacity slider for both in combat (IC) and out of combat (OC).
  • Added Drag-and-Drop capability to main buttons (must continue to hold button, cannot release and click desired location).
  • Added Drag-and-Drop capability to Options UI.
  • Added a "Reset Position" button to reset a particular ring to center screen (UIParent Center).
  • Added small button Scale and Radius.
  • Add Show/Hide checkboxes for individual buttons.

Screenshot (UI and Rings included):