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WDN Mobile Status Meters

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  • Completely recoded most of the addon to take advantage of performance increases.
  • Separated each meter into standalone addons that can function independantly.
  • Removed options in favor of simply enable|disable addon functionality.
  • Recoded font strings and tooltips to use their own instances so as not to mess with default ui graphics or formats. Now the tooltip graphics and font only need to be set once and forgotten. This was a source of minor memory usage growth as the backdrop and fonts were being set on each mouseover.
  • Internal testing version, not publically released
  • Added title header to each of the status bar tooltips.
  • Changed bars, tooltips, and configuration options to use the same custom backdrop graphic.
  • Re-enabled smart tooltip anchoring based on bar placement.
  • Removed total durability from the durability tooltip, as this value was virtually meaningless.
  • Changed durability bar to show the percentage and status of the item with the lowest durability, rather than a total of all items.
  • Durability bar now shifts color from green to red depending on percent being shown.
  • Detailed durability values in the tooltip now shift from green to red based on the percent for that item.
  • Fixed an issue with new jewelry head slot items causing an error (no durability).
  • Fixed an issue with the shift-click text not being correct for the reputation bar.
  • Rewritten almost completely from the ground up. Faster, Leaner, Meaner.
  • Added a reputation bar that can be used to view reputation data
  • Revamped the configuration settings to work faster and better.
  • Changed most of the code to be much more modular in design.
  • Updated the TOC file to match the current 20003 build.
  • Removed the honor bar, as tracking progress toward ranks is no longer valid in the current honor system.
  • Updated all code to conform with Lua 5.1 as defined in WOW 2.0
  • Status Bars are now using custom graphics for better visual quality
  • Minor improvements to code performance and legibility
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause the durability bar to appear elongated on first load
  • Directory changes to make addon updates and management easier
  • Fixed the shared.lua:73 error caused by durability queries on empty slots
  • Code optimizations to make shared functions more modular and perform faster
  • Added localiztion suport pending future localizations into other languages
  • Fixed an issue with options being loaded before status bars finished loading
  • Fixed an issue with an error caused by the option loading issue
  • Fixed an error caused by improper detection of empty inventory slots
  • Added a durability bar which displays your current durability as a percentage, as well as detailed durability for each item via tooltip.
  • Added options to enable/disable the durability bar, and enable/disable the default durability doll
  • Several file and directory changes. It is advised that you completely delete the addon before installing this new version.
  • Optimized code structure for faster performance and future expansion
  • Made the code for each bar more modular in design
  • Corrected some issues related to MyAddons integration
  • Corrected an issue related to options being reset during a ui reload
  • Added an interface for modifying options
  • Added support for CTmod (configuration options, available in their control panel)
  • Added support for myAddons (configuration options, available in their control panel)
  • Code optimization and cleanup in an effort to make the addon use less resources
  • Slash commands removed in favor of configuration panel
  • Fixed an issue with smart mode not being used even with the option checked
  • Fixed an issue with enabling smart mode also affecting the honor bar
  • Added an honor bar which displays rank progress
  • Changes the shift-click to move behavior to a ctrl-click behavior instead
  • Shift-click will now print status info for each bar into your chat. This works the same way that shift-clicking a link does.
  • Optimized code by cleaning up and otherwise reducing code usage.
  • Added "smart mode" in which the experience bar will automatically disappear when you reach max level (currently 60)
WDN Mobile Minimap

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  • Updated the TOC file to match the current 20003 build
  • Fixed an issue with the zone name not being the right color when changing areas
  • Updated all code to conform to Lua 5.1 as defined in WOW 2.0
  • Streamlined all code for better performance and legibility
  • Made the Durability Doll, Quest Watcher, and Quest Timer movable
  • Added coordinate text to the top of the minimap
  • Reduced the size of the zone text to better fit long area names
Previous Updates
  • Changed drag behavior to CTRL+Click instead of Shift+Click
  • Fixed an issue in which moving the minimap would also register a ping to the map
  • Moved frame modification and creation to lua instead of xml
  • Removed Copperplate Gothic font due to licensing restrictions
  • Added custom 'Action Man Bold' to avoid licensing restrictions
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