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08-03-10 11:23 AM by: Cilraaz
All of my current addons are dead, however, I'm getting the itch to get back into LUA and WoW addon programming. I am moving from WoWInterface to CurseForge, primarily. I may double post my addons on both sites, but for the latest information, non-release builds, and my ticketing system, please visit me over on CurseForge.

At this time, no addons have been brought back to life. My plan is to begin with the one that was always the most popular... EmoteFu. I'll be converting it to an LDB addon. I'll likely follow that with an LDB port of MacroFu.

All of my bar addons are officially dead. I will not be reviving them. At this point in time, there's really no reason to. You can get all of the functionality my addons provided (and then some... keybinding, I'm looking at you) from using Bartender4 (or your favorite bar addon) and putting your class-specific abilities on a bar by themselves. The addons may have made sense when they were written, but they hardly do anymore.

I will also not be bringing back my old, old, old addon, SummonFu. For any who don't remember it, it was a Warlock Fubar addon. It was broken by patch 2.0 and I never bothered to fix it. It's been well surpassed by Necrosis anyway. Again, it would be pointless to revive the addon when there's another that provides its function and so much more.

If you have a suggestion of an addon you'd like to see, please feel free to stop by CurseForge. Send me a PM, leave me a comment, create a ticket... however you'd like. I could always use ideas of new addons to create.
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06-22-09 12:17 PM by: Cilraaz
At this point in time (actually, for the past few months), my AddOns have been out of development. Anyone is free to pick them up and continue them. All code is 100% available to anyone who wants to use any bit or piece of it.

I may come back to coding at some point in the future, but for now I simply don't have the time due to my work, my wife, my son, and my guild. Best of luck to anyone who used my AddOns in the past. I apologize for letting them fail on you.
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08-05-08 05:10 PM by: Cilraaz
Well, almost. All of my mods with the exception of MacroFu have been updated for 2.4. As far as I can tell, MacroFu must have been broken for a while. I appear to be having some problems with the RunMacro API, which was marked as protected by Blizzard in 2.1, so it may have been broken since then.

I may look at getting MacroFu back up and running, depending on the level of interest from the community.
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12-08-07 06:52 PM by: Cilraaz
Well, I have put up new versions of SealBar and BlessingBar (both 2.3.0-0.2). The new code contains minor clean-up of button code as well as a fix for the hilighting issue that was plaguing both mods. The buttons will no longer remain hilighted until clicked a second time! Enjoy!
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09-28-07 07:11 PM by: Cilraaz
I know about the errors in the Paladin bar mods. I have put up temporary versions that eliminate the error by getting rid of the visual representation of the global cooldown. I will put up a new version as soon as I get the cooldown working properly.

[Edit: The bug is now squashed. The Paladin bar mods are again working as intended with the visual representation of the cooldown. Stupid XML changes.]