WRM: Raid Invite Manager

The new WoW Raid Manager site (for accompanying WoW Raid Manager, do not comment on the mod there, at this time!): http://www.wowraidmanager.net/news.php

(Items in Blue have been completed. Items in Magenta are in progress. Items in Yellow are completed, but in testing.)
Current Version: v0.04000
  • RIM now supports multiple guilds / servers. The mod will only display and sync the currently logged-in guild data. This should help people in multiple guilds that use RIM to not accidentally send the wrong data.
  • Death Knights added to the UI.
  • RIM now supports the use of the in-game Calendar. Data downloaded to RIM is input to the Calendar. All previous functions of RIM still work!
  • Some code for Queued members has been rewritten.

Future Updates
(possibilities, may not use these ideas):
  • Add "sign-up" and "cancel" options to UI.

In Progress:
Update Notes (Future v0.04001):
Bug Fixes:
  • Foreign languages (multibyte characters) caused raid names to display improperly. (v0.04000)
  • Foreign clients were not displaying any characters on the Invite UI. (v0.04000)