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    Hey people, just got his set up so that i could post details of projects and the like here once I get more time. Please use this Portal to submit feature requests, bugs and anything else you may want to direct my way.

    So after a very small hiatus i've returned with a slightly better knowledge of the lua language (bringing me up to "average understanding").

    Equipped with this knowledge I intend to tidy up DILLIGAF and will be releasing V2 (since its basically a complete rewrite) complete with features requested by the community here and on Curse. Depending on how it goes getting the creases out of V2 i might have to just update the current version while i work on it, but either way people will receive a working bug-free version of DILLIGAF.

    In other news i have my eyes set on getting used to almost the entirety of the WoW Chat and Unit Frame API so expect a few small, useful (but probably not original) addons once i have DILLIGAF nailed.