Fuzzy Border Syndrome
FBS - Fuzzy Border Syndrome

Hello there and welcome to my Fuzzy Border Syndrome tutorial!

I will tell you how to get great crisp looking borders with kgPanels so you never have to deal with FBS again in a couple easy steps! I will also add pictures for emphasis.

1. Get the panel you want with a transparent background with the border you want, and make the panel fit around the area you want it to border, also sizing the border width to your liking. (If you are parenting and anchoring a panel, do it now at this step). Also make the border medium strata at level 3 or until its over the unit frame.

2. Then lock it, make the width and height absolute, no decimals i.e. if your width is 50.9878 make it 50 and press enter WHEN the panel is locked.

3. Then after the panel is locked and the width and height are made absolute whole numbers, then:

4. Use the nudge feature in kgPanels, and nudge it around left, right, up, down until the borders are as crisp as they can get

5. Then unlock the panel, move it to the original area you need it in and then lock the panel and then make the numbers absolute again.

DO NOT RESIZE THE PANEL with the Arrow on the bottom right corner when you are moving it around, only do this when you are initially making a panel, but after you have locked it, do not resize it this way. use the Width and the Height numbers.

NEVER use the built in borders in Stuf or PitBull if you don't want FBS going on in your UI. Always use kgPanels if you are very OCD about FBS.