Welcome to my portal.

I'm an aspiring addon author who's been interested into wow addons since early June 2010, however only in the past few weeks Iíve been researching and developing.

This is without a doubt a quite interesting experience and a completely another side of gaming that I'm stepping in for the first time.

In this portal you should be able to find my humble projects.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Thank you checking out my portal!
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07-28-10 03:51 AM by: Xendrie
Hello again, after a couple days of testing Iím now releasing the first version of ShoutMyCD!

ShoutMyCD is the result of a basic idea taken a little further. At the first I sought developing a small addon that would allow any shaman to bind a message to his bloodlust and shout that message every-time he casted the ability.

At this point SMCD is able to not bind one message but multiple messages to four spells: Heroism/Bloodlust, Divine Hymn, Hymn of Hope and Army of the Dead!

Every-time the user toggles one of these abilities the addon will pick randomly one of the messages set in the ability table and shout it via party/raid/bg, say or yell!

I have plans to add support for other cooldowns, but at this point I need to improve the display frame so I can provide something more appealing and less confusing.

This was without a doubt a quite interesting project, I was able not only to merge knowledge from my previous addons but I was also able to learn new stuff on the process!

Note: This addon is still a work in progress, right now I'm slowly building a newer version with 17 new abilities.

While I cannot provide an eta for this update I can assure you that most of the interface is complete, but there's still plenty to do with the user-interface interaction and the side code that prints/checks the spell.

Take care,
Hello, I'm Xendrie and I've been playing World of warcraft since later 2005/early 2006 on the european realm Quel'thalas.

Yesterday I've released my first and second addon:


While they're concept and design is extremely simple, I must say it was quite interesting and hard developing them. Since it was my first time interacting with lua.

They proved themselves to be a worthy exercise and through them I've improved a lot more than I expected, but I do realize there's still a lot to learn and practice

Thanks for reading so far,
Hope you enjoy the addons,