Hello, and welcome to my portal, please, report and buggs, errors, that you find my user-interface, or any of my other AddOns.
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04-23-12 11:26 AM by: Game92
Hey girls & boys, i can officaly say AftermathhUI is ready for an update. It will be out very shortly.

Sneek Peak:

Some new features:

Finally Theme to match the UI.


GUI. - Not really ready yet, some work some will not

And many more.. I hope you all will enjoy this update as much i do.
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01-17-12 03:19 PM by: Game92
Thanks for the 50,000 downloads on my AddOns! And thanks to everyone that helped me out and made this happen and thanks for all support! Looking forward for this year also!
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10-17-11 07:07 AM by: Game92
Thanks everybody for the Downloads, i hope you keep enjoying my AddOns & My User Interface!

Am currently working on my UI atm, i will soon give you a realease.

It's totally based on MuqqUI from Ensidia.

here is a preview.



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06-27-11 11:30 PM by: Game92
Hi all, my AddOns should work for 4.2, if you have a problem make sure you report it to me, and ill probs not update oUF_Aftermathh soonish, since i'm pretty busy at work, and such It's updated in AftermathhUI, if you want to try the new features. Hopefully i will get it updatodate, soon enough

See you in firelands!
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06-16-11 12:39 AM by: Game92
Hello there boys and girls, i have very good news, i will realease AftermathhUI for 4.2 it will be there for the patch day, i know many people have been waiting for this, but its soon over, i'm just about to check the last things, to make sure it works for you, when the patch hits! See you in Firelands.

And many thanks for your support also, and for all downloads, comments!