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MSBT 5.6.x Series Released!
By: Mikord - 07-22-11 05:58 PM
The MSBT 5.6.x series is now available.

New feature overview:
  • Added support for item cooldowns:
    • Created new event for customizable item cooldown notifications.
    • Added Item Cooldown Complete to the available trigger events.
    • Added Item ID and Item Name condition handling for the main trigger events that support them.
    • Cooldown exclusions now accept skill IDs, item names, and item IDs in addition to skill names.

  • Added monochrome, monochrome + thin, and monochrome + thick to available outline font settings for pixel font lovers.
  • Modified the custom font and sound validation routines to work with arbitrary case extensions.
  • Changed custom font validation error message to a more descriptive message when the font can't be set versus the more generic ttf message.

MSBT 5.5.105 Released!
By: Mikord - 06-29-11 10:00 AM
MSBT 5.5.105 is now available for WoW Patch 4.2.


  • Modified combat event log parsers to work with the changes in Patch 4.2 without extra indirection.
  • Changed Traditional Chinese default font by yleaf.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.2.

MSBT 5.5.79 Released!
By: Mikord - 10-14-10 09:14 PM
MSBT 5.5.79 is now available for Patch 4.0.1.

What's new?

The main changes are updates to support some of the new elements including holy power and soul shards, removal of skills that no longer exist, and updates to skill IDs that have changed.

Also, be aware that Blizzard has removed the ability to play the .wav file format in the latest version and instead added the capability to play .ogg files. The game still supports .mp3 files. MSBT has been updated accordingly to remove the ability to add .wav files and allow .ogg files to be added. If your custom sounds aren't playing, they are most likely .wav files.


  • Updated for Patch 4.0.1 / Cataclysm Pre-launch:
    • Updated supported power types to include soul shards and holy power.
    • Modified power change detection logic to use new event.
    • Removed soul shard created notification since it is now considered a power gain.
    • Removed "hyper regen" option since there are no longer any skills that utilize it.
    • Removed the following triggers since they no longer apply: Frostbite
    • Modified several skill IDs to reflect their new values.
    • Removed .wav files from the supported sound formats in the custom media sound dialog since WoW no longer supports playing .wav files.
    • Added support for .ogg files to the custom media sound dialog.

MSBT 5.4.70 Released!
By: Mikord - 12-08-09 12:55 PM
MSBT 5.4.70 is now available for Patch 3.3.

What's new?

The main changes are a couple of options to control merging behavior. The first is the ability to prevent normal melee swings from being merged. The second is the ability to disable the merge trailer that is shown after merged events (e.g. [10 Hits, 3 Crits]).

Trigger changes include the ability to detect refreshed auras and a default trigger for Predator's Swiftness.

Finally, some code optimization and updates for API changes in Patch 3.3 were made along with treating HoT crit events like other crits (sticky style, crit font settings, etc).

New feature overview:
  • Added an option to disable regular melee swings from being merged.
  • Added an option to hide the merge trailer that is shown when multiple events are merged.
  • Added Aura Refresh to the available trigger events.
  • Added a default trigger for Predator's Swiftness.
  • Optimized font validation logic to reduce CPU usage.
  • Updated HoT crit events to behave like crits as intended.
  • Changed Desecration from the skill ID removed Patch 3.3 (fixes message regarding removed skill ID 63595).
  • Updated Russian translations from StingerSoft.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.3.

MSBT 5.4.x Series Released!
By: Mikord - 04-14-09 10:07 AM
The MSBT 5.4.x series is now available for Patch 3.1.x.

What's new?

The main changes are a new in-game custom media editor, a highly configurable loot alerting system, and changes to support new events and features introduced in Patch 3.1.

The new custom media editor allows your custom media to persist between game sessions, version upgrades, and profile resets. It is no longer necessary to update lua files every time you get a new version of MSBT. In light of this new system, logic has also been put in place to ensure invalid or removed fonts won't cause errors. Instead the default font will be used.

The loot alerting system provides a count of the total number of the looted item you have in inventory, item quality coloring, and the optional capability to display how many of the items were looted. It also has a full suite of filtering options such as specifying which qualities (poor, uncommon, epic, etc) are shown, choosing to always show quest items, specifying which items should always be shown, and specifying which items should be excluded.

Some changes implemented to support Patch 3.1 include removal of skills and triggers that are no longer available, a new event for DoT crits since they can crit now, and a trigger exception for selectively displaying triggers based on the currently active spec of the new dual spec feature.

New feature overview:
  • Created an in-game editor for managing custom media the persists between game sessions, version upgrades, and profile resets. Remember that the media files must already exist before WoW is started or they can't be used.
  • Added a new loot alerting system with several filtering options and inventory counting functionality.
  • Created new events for incoming and outgoing periodic damage (DoT) crits.
  • Added an active talents trigger exception so triggers can be selectively displayed depending on the active spec of the new dual spec feature.
  • Removed references to skills and triggers that are no longer available.
  • Updated for Patch 3.1.
  • And more...

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