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Something bad happened! IndigoRose had to discontinue their "Personal Edition" of Autoplay Media Studio which is used to create WoW Launcher PLUS and my other tools!

If you like to help me to get the full version and read more about what happened, take a look at my campaign at Pledgie, please.
The next update will be released very soon (this week)! Check out the new Trailer to see what's coming up.
If you want to know the latest news and updates about WoWL+ check our facebook page available via
Just uploaded a new hotfix release with the following changes:

* changed "Update Realms" Button on the Settings page to automatically clear all entries and update the realm dropdown lists
+ added Tooltips for Server Status Icons (Online/Offline)
+ added new info (hover ?-Icon) for the Realm Status update interval regarding throttling and the Blilzzard API
* fixed PTR-Button - showed an error message (typo)
* fixed custom WoW, PTR and BETA Path - if missing, a trailing "\" will be added now

- Download now!
I have just finished and uploaded ALPHA 2 of WoWL+ which contains many new features including:
- check the Realm Status of up to three realms
- added more useful links to WoW websites
- added support for 64-Bit Clients
- added option to change the Homepage of WoWL+
- added Change Log to About screen
- added option to delete CreatureCache.wdb
and more!

- Get it here
- See the full Change Log here