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Yes, the gremlins strike again, as a user on my UI beta forums so nicely put it. gChat and many other similar chat addons are having issues due to the very changed functionality of the chat frames in WoW patch 3.3.5.

I was working on a new and updated version to deal with this, but I did not manage to finish it in time. Blizzard don't really tell us when their patches are coming. Ever.

Now, I have actually a version that kind of works, but it's unfinished as it still has some issues regarding whispers.... which I can NOT solve for another week, since Blizzard in all their wisdom decided to only release the patch on US realms, not on EU realms.

Anyway, without further delay, I give you the unfinished beta of gChat 1.5;

But do remember to only download this if you're playing on a client with the 3.3.5 patch. If you're not, stick with the 1.4x versions.
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05-26-10 02:40 PM by: Goldpaw
So I saw that Cargor posted a link to the long awaited beta version of his cargBags 2.0. And I was ecstatic! I rushed over to github, downloaded the beta, instantly started hacking on it to my heart's content, or however it is likes to put it.

It's far easier to work with than cargBags 1.x ever was, and the result became just as I wanted it.

Want to give my gBags a try?
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03-24-10 03:53 PM by: Goldpaw
My interface is "almost" ready for the big public, but still a few things remain to be done. I did some last minute decisions to split the interface into separate addons to allow people to customize it to a greater degree, and I also did some changes like pulling the reputation and experience bars out of my oUF style.

Anyway, it's working, it can auto-configure, it has slash commands to change between the layouts I have NOT yet been able to test, and it's downloadable if you're a very brave person that can handle bugs.

This will be the beta-phase, where the whole idea is to test the layouts in various resolutions, and make it work with them all. As the beta progresses, screenshots from both me and anybody kind enough to participate will be posted in the gallery, and rest assured that anybody and everybody that is a part of it will get their names listed in the final credits list.

The forum thread I've created for this beta phase can be located over at my guild site, as well as the download links for the current beta versions. Everything you need to know is located in that thread. Since this is very much a work in progress, I've chosen NOT to host it here at WoWInterface for the time being. Once the layouts are ready and tested with various resolutions, and the biggest bugs (if any) sorted out, we'll be moving home to WoWInterface again!

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03-15-10 02:29 PM by: Goldpaw
An update for my all-in-one addon GBOT is sort of in the works.

As those of you that used it know, it was/is a collection of many small things, like short chat channel names, automatic selling of junk, automatic repairs, tooltip glued to the cursor, automatic release of your spirit, automatic use of soulstones, automatically decline duels and much more.

Now, some of this functionality have been released in the forms of addons such as gChat, gMerchant and gTip, and I'll probably release more in the near future.

But still there are people with the wish for an all-in-one package. And I intend to update it. But it will be based on the new separated addons, rather than the old rather messy code. As a programmer I'm growing every day, and I'm the first to admit I started out as a complete n00b, and probably still am one...
As gUI is getting closer and closer to release, I've made the decision to NOT have it in one big pack as originally intended, but rather split it up into several minor addons. Yes, this makes the addon list a lot more spammy, but it also allows others to customize the UI to a greater degree without having too much LUA-knowledge.

This has forced me rewrite a lot of the code, and making 2 libraries sort of, for media and general function calls. No way I'm going to add the same media code and files, as well as the exact same functions to create Interface Options Menus, buttons, borders and text to every single addon. This also means that every addon will be released with a dependancy on one or both of gMedia and gLib. Which is no big issue. They are mere libraries, don't take much memory at all. No downsides, only upsides. The more of my addons a person have installed, the more efficient it becomes.

The UI will still of course be released as one "big" download of course, with everything needed included. No setup will be needed, though I expect most people to want to tweak stuff to their own liking. I know I would!

And to those that said yes to help me test out the high res layouts; I haven't forgotten you! I'm still very much in need of that kind help, but as mentioned, I did a lot of rewriting since I felt the urge to release several addons as stand-alones. And I'd rather have all that sorted before attempting any beta-testing. So I caused a small setback for myself with all this, but no biggie. I'm almost back on track, and the result will probably be better for all parties involved, as it allows people to access the individual parts of the UI without the need to install the whole package.

The UI is around 800-1000KB in size. Bigger than some, smaller than others. But in no way big. The options menus and some background textures takes up most the space. I could probably halve the size if I took away all configurability, but I want people to be able to modify some things without any sort of LUA knowledge.
gChat has reached version 1.24. The main changes are the addition of (yet another) small library; gLib, plus the ability to show your main characters name in Guild- and Officer chat when logged onto alts.

Why yet another library, you may ask. Simple; With more and more of my addons being uploaded, and the need seems to arise to put some Interface Options Menus into them all, there's no way I'm going to rewrite the exact same piece of code for every single one. That would be a waste of time and space. For the user, this makes the addon list more spammy, the memory usage will go down. When it comes to performance, it's no change. gLib, like gMedia, does nothing by itself. It's just there, functioning as a database for all my addons to collect stuff from when they need it.

New the fun part:

When you're logged onto whatever character you consider to be your main, simply type /setmain, and that's it. Now when logged onto other characters on the same server and of the same faction, your main's name will appear in parenthesis after your alt's name when you write something in either Guild- or Officers chat.

I chose to deactive this functionality for all other channels, but you can take a peek in the LUA code if you like. What channels it is active for is set in one of the tables on top of the code.