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Sell-O-Matic (0.9) Released!
By: Silmano - 11-25-07 11:08 AM
Silmano's Avatar Changes on 0.9:
- Added some security to avoid problems.
- Addon can now work with or without sell list (default).

Shaman Warning 0.1d Released!
By: Silmano - 04-23-07 08:58 AM
Silmano's Avatar Changes on 0.1d:
- Added newest ACE2 libraries.
- Added Eye of the Storm warning.

Sell-O-Matic 0.6a Released!
By: Silmano - 04-17-07 07:41 AM
Silmano's Avatar Changes on 0.6a:
- Updated ACE2 libraries to avoid addon conflicts between other ACE addons.

Sell-O-Matic 0.6 Released!
By: Silmano - 04-02-07 05:01 AM
Silmano's Avatar Changes on 0.6:
- Added better add to list function, now will scan the entire list if the item name or part of the name is in the list so there wont be duplicate entries.
- Added easier delete from list function, now you can type the name or part of it and it will search if its in the list and delete it.
- Changed function names so they wont conflict with other addons.
- Changed sell function so it wont tell you '0 item(s) sold'. Now will tell you IF you've sold at least 1.
- Updated FAQ so it will cover this version.

Sell-O-Matic 0.5 Released!
By: Silmano - 02-08-07 06:43 PM
Silmano's Avatar Changes on 0.5:
- Added detailed item profile. You can toggle it with '/som detail'. When detail is ON, it will tell you how much profit each item is.

- Fixed itemLink support. It was acting weird but now it shouldnt give any problem.

Also I've cleaned a little bit the code to make it still a light addon...