Hi there this will be the base for my AI (Alternative Interface).

my german site is still up, and I will update both sites.

Feel free to post sugestions

AI-Art Overhaul
By: Quokka - 11-19-11 11:15 AM
Quokka's Avatar Yes Folks,

I'm working on a complete new version of AI-Art.
This will be a complete new version made from scratch so it will take some time.
Once I have some screens I'll post a preview.


AI-Art update coming sone
By: Quokka - 09-19-10 03:11 PM
Quokka's Avatar After the latest patches for the Beta Client, blizzard changed some small thing that had a big impact on what we where doing.

Since the last update AI-Art has been remade twice because off new things showing up.

The latest patch change something to 1 texture, that showed up nearly everywhere and made us go over it again.

So the top square has been replaced with the rounder one. Shadows have been added. So just wait a little longer and there will be a huge update.


After a long Break I'm Back
By: Quokka - 10-22-09 11:33 PM
Quokka's Avatar I'll Start updating my addons slowly.
And fix the last small thing to my art rework

oUF_AI updated
By: Quokka - 01-17-09 05:16 AM
Quokka's Avatar It hase been updated to fix the bugs.

Still it's not there where I wan't version 3.1 to be, but since It took longer than expected.
I'd make a small step .05 so that the work for everybody.

The art is a bit chuncky, and I will change it, after my latest project has finished. But damm where does blizzard put all those files

And sugestions / bugs are allways welcome

comming up oUF 1.1 with oUF_AI 2.0
By: Quokka - 08-29-08 09:10 AM
Quokka's Avatar Hi there,

I'm working on oUF_AI 2.0

There will be some bug fixes.
Minor changes and most important it work with the new oUF 1.1 from hast.

Once I'ts done you'll find a complete changelog. and some new screens

-- update

1.5 released, not yet done but it fixes some stuff and goes there where I want to get 2.0. Still hoping to include the raid layout in the default one

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