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MazzleUI 0.4 Released!
By: Mazzlefizz - 09-07-06 01:53 PM
OK, this one has been a LONG time coming, and here it is.

And now the LONG list of changes:

0.40 Change Log

  • Feature Addition: Added 4 automatic MazzleUI efficiency modes! These modes optionally kick in when you are either (1) in combat, (2) in a party, (3) in a raid or (4) are pvp flagged. You can now set exactly what gets turned off in any of the efficiency modes, including the manual one, via the new options GUI. This can be used to not only to scale back settings, but to activate addons only in contexts where they are useful.
  • Feature Addition: Complete load-on-demand options system called MazzleOption now fully implemented
    • Every add-on has an entry with full description and one-click enabling and disabling!
    • Every add-on has a GUI to change options even if the base add-on only has slash commands!
    • Many add-ons have value-added options that extend the add-ons functionality, for example, auto-hiding the resurrection monitor when you are not on a healer or are not dead yourself.
    • MazzleUI itself now has a multitude of options
      • HUD now has an always show option. You can now change the transparency level of the HUD seperately for in-combat, out-of-combat states. Can also change transparency level of Target of Target and combo points.
      • Mazz3D add-on allows you to selectively turn off animations, random animations, event-based animations and model adjustments. You can also change debug settings related to the camera survey now.
      • Mazzifier can be launched and be told to force current version database to be up to date
      • Mazzle efficiency modes has a full interface to set exactly what is active in each mode. (more on that below)
      • All hidden hotspots can now be toggled off
      • Automation ptions to auto-hide context menu, auto-accept resurrections, auto-accepts summons
      • Special raid settings such as automatically switching raid layouts depending on whether it's a 20-man or 40-man
  • Feature Addition: Now has an option to use a package of oRA, sRaid and BigWigs instead of CT Raid Assist! They are faster, use less memory and are compatible with raids using CT Raid Assist. Raid frames in the oRA option are handled by a version of sRaid that is modified to position raid groups out in the same way that my CT layout did.
  • Feature Addition: New Target of Target hotspot. Click anywhere undearneath the target cave (where it says "Look at person x.")
  • Feature Addition: Added 3d animation enabling/disabling in efficiency modes. Toggles events and onUpdate processing.
  • Feature Addition: Added name tags enabling disabling in efficiency modes. Can swap all nametag settings, including new friendly name plates, depending on what mode you're in. Currently set to only enable name tags when pvp flagged.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle Natur's Enemy Cast Bars in efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle compass in efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle FastCast latency compensation in efficiency modes. (remember lag does not equal latency, so you will most likely only need to use this in manual mode if at all.)
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle BigWigs boss warnings in efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle Scrolling Combat Text in efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle Scrolling Combat Text Damage in efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle Scrolling Combat Text Cooldowns in efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle SpellAlert SCT in efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to toggle visibility of all DAB buttons/floaters and control boxes in efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Added ability to change to a lower Discord update rate during efficiency modes.
  • Feature Addition: Improved Mazzifier with more install options
    • Add-On mazzification now split into Add-On Selection and Add-On Settings. The former determines which add-ons get disabled, while the latter determines which ones have settings modified. There is a new tab frame for add-on selection now.
    • Add-On Selection pane allows you to select one of four raid packages: (1) CT RaidAssist, (2) CT RaidAssist + BossMods, (3) sRaid, oRA and oRA raiding modules, and (4) sRaid, oRA, oRA raiding modules and oRA raid leading modules
    • Add-On Selection pane allows you to select other raiding add-ons such as BigWigs
    • Button layout selector now has a checkbutton to allow you to suppress automatic placement of your spells into the buttons, so now you can modify your button layouts by themselves.
    • The tab frames are now traversed with a series of "Next" buttons to encourage people to double-check/customize settings. Mazzify button only shows up after you hit next on the last tab frame.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI will now automatically switch to your favorite 20 man or 40 man raid layout depending on the size of the raid.
  • Feature Addition: Added new hotzone to open xCalc (bottom right corner)
  • Feature Addition: Changed Needylist hotspot to toggle Decursive windows instead. You can right-click same hot spot if you still want to toggle visibility of NeedyList.
  • Feature Addition: Added new hotzone to select target of target (area under target box)
  • Feature Addition: AceHeal now also a mage-enabled addon. Right-Click = AI, Shift-RClick = AB, Ctrl-RClick = Dampen, Alt-RClick = Amplify, Alt-LClick = Remove Curse
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now places bags when mazzifying the layout
  • Feature Addition: Added settings for TinyTip to Mazzifier
  • Feature Addition: Added settings for SpellAlertSCT to Mazzifier
  • Feature Addition: Added settings for ChatCast to Mazzifier
  • Feature Addition: Tagged mobs now have a prominent TAGGED label
  • Feature Addition: Added settings and positional data for basic oRA addons to Mazzifier (oRA base, oRA MainTankFrames, oRA MainTank, oRA Say, oRA Ready)
  • Feature Addition: Added settings and positional data for BigWigs
  • Feature Addition: Added settings for CEnemyCastBar to Mazzifier (need feedback and suggestions on these settings!). Also moved from PvP set to general set.
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Added the ability to right-click on CEnemyCastBar's minimap icon to quickly disable or enable it.
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: C'thun warner fixed for 1.12 changes. Few bugs also fixed as well as picture compressed. All done by Tigerheart.
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Added onupdate throttling to Scrolling Combat Text Cooldowns (full rate updates were not necessary.) Also added enable and disable commands to fully unregister events when add-on is disabled by MazzleUI efficiency mode.
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Added aceheal interface to sRaid
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Throttled SCT Cooldowns OnUpdating
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Turned off SpellAlert SCT OnUpdating if feign death setting is off
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: MerchantBags will now also open bags when opening trade
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Changed MovableBags so that it places bags initially in a good spot for the MazzleUI layout
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Added enable and disable commands to SpellAlert SCT to fully unregister events when add-on is disabled by MazzleUI efficiency mode. Also changed code to disable all onupdate processing when feign death retargeting was not enabled. (It was previously doing an unthrottled onUpdate that did nothing but check a variable when it was disabled)
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Made changes to Answering Machine, AutoRank, ChatManager, FastCast and SimpleCombatLog to allow options to be set via MazzleOptions.
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Stopped RaidFrameKiller from indicating when it kills frames.
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Added two new layouts to sRaidFrames auto layout function.
  • Layout Change: Itemref tooltips moved higher so they are less likely to overlap unit tooltips
  • Layout change: HUD target health now shows actual amount instead of percentage
  • Layout change: Various unit frame text now more clear as per Tigerheart suggestions (increased alpha, added shadows). Also changed some colors in 1.6 aspect.
  • Layout change: Added more actual health and mana amounts to party unit frames, and target unit frame for all three aspect ratios. Moved other elements to accomodate.
  • Layout Change: Whether an enemy is tapped is now more clearly labelled
  • Code Improvement: MazzleUI add-on now "Ace'd". (At least somewhat, doesn't really doesn't change much performance-wise, but does make some event handling cleaner.)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed positioning of main decursive window. Add-on changed the frame name.
  • Bug Fix: Model damage overlays will no longer get truncated when the message is too long (for e.g. with resists)
  • Bug Fix: Stopped LoadIT from placing a button in the main menu. Was not playing well with other buttons.
  • Bug Fix: Disabled frame repositioning in CT Raid (experimental)
  • Bug Fix: Hides Alphamap when starting. (for some reason StatusWindow makes it appear when you log in)
  • Bug Fix: Entering an efficiency mode will now update the Recap and FastCast buttons if they are en/disabled as a result
  • Bug Fix: HUD numbers now synchronized with the appearance of the graphics (no longer relies on DUF to show in combat)
  • Bug Fix: Energy value in HUD now correct for rogues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed all DART layouts so that HUD would stop stealing mousewheel input
  • Bug Fix: Fixed MyBindings code so that print screen will work again.
  • Bug Fix: Hunter layout descript points to the right action slot 120 for mounting
  • Bug Fix: Fixed lack of initial settings bug in MovableBags
  • Bug Fix: Removed non-existent frames from KC_Mobility
  • Bug Fix: KCItems will no longer give error about performing math on nil when starting up with no KCItems database
  • Bug Fix: Applied fixes from Ace forums so that KC_Mobility does not mess up escape closing on some windows
  • Settings Change: The "simple" setups are now the default for most classes. I'm finding the people who prefer to use a simple Blizzard-like layout are also the ones who don't have the savvy to switch the button layout before Mazzifying.
  • Settings Change: Updated CleanChat settings for format change.
  • Settings Change: Updated ChatFrameExtender settings for format change.
  • Settings Change: Added MobHealth3 settings and starting database.
  • Settings Change: Added oRA settings.
  • Settings Change: Added sRaid settings.
  • Settings Change: Added initial xRaid settings.
  • Settings Change: Updated all settings for Fubar 2.0
  • Settings Change: Updated SmartAssist for new version
  • Settings Change: Updated TinyTip for new version
  • Settings Change: Updated Blizzard settings for new version
  • Settings Change: Updated CEnemyCastBar for new versions (need feedback)
  • Settings Change: Added a second context menu button for people without mousebutton 4
  • Settings Change: Added various new key bindings
  • Settings Change: Mendeleev now has more categories active
  • Settings Change: MonkeyQuest now anchored to topleft of screen and grows down
  • Settings Change: Updated TrinketMenu settings to incorporate new settings in new version. Also turned off cooldown numbers since OmniCC handles.
  • Settings Change: Updated ChatMananager settings to incorporate format changes in new version.
  • Settings Change: Updated Fubar module position.
  • Settings Change: Updated CT RaidAssist Settings
  • Settings Change: Updated DFM settings for change in name of Autobar frames
  • Settings Change: Changed SimpleCombatLog to shows dots on others, so that you can now see see ignite and similar things tick in offensive combat window. Should also show leeching type stuff
  • Add-On Change: Added modified version of sRaidFrames. It's a light-weight alternative to ct's raid frames. Added new layout code to properly place raid frames making room for the target box and, in the case of the smaller 1.25 resolution, moving groups 7 and 8 to an alternate locations.
  • Add-On Change: Added BigWigs, syncable, personal raid warning system.
  • Add-On Change: Added oRA and a variety of modules.
  • Add-On Change: Removed RestFu. It was causing Mendeleev to give an error sometimes when mousing over things. Will re-add when one of the two are fixed.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced Notebook with Gello's TinyPad. Better features and it even matches the UI.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced MobileFrames with KC_Mobility and MovableBags (lighter weight and does not conflict with TinyTip)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced TipBuddy with TinyTips (lighter weight and seems to resolve some blizzard tooltip issues
  • Add-On Change: Replaced Metamap with Alphamap. (Metamap was just starting to incorporate way too many other add-ons that I have no interest in.)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced Recap with Recap-ParserLib (should be more efficient now since it uses the same parsing engine that Simple Combat Log does)
  • Add-On Change: Removed PeriodicTable (I don't think anything in MazzleUI uses it anymore that doesn't already have it embedded)
  • Add-On Change: Removed FizzWidget AdSpace (didn't seem useful enough)
  • Add-On Change: Added BigWigs (personal boss warning timer that is syncable, blocks raid leader spam and shows some great timers)
  • Add-On Change: Added MonkeyQuestLog. Replacement of the QuestLog that works hand in hand with MonkeyQuest.
  • Add-On Change: Added PartySpotter to the pvp set. (Colors icons for people on the map depending on whether they're in your group, raid, etc.)
  • Add-On Change: Added ChatCast. Now that someone has fixed the bugs, it's back! (Look for links in your chat that will do cool things when clicked.)
  • Add-On Change: Removed AcePlayerName (no longer needed. Fubar has a plugin, and new MazzleUI options will have an auto-pvp toggle)
  • Add-On Change: Removed ChatFrameFix (no longer needed)
  • Add-On Change: Removed MailSound. (was never being used, since you guys didn't have the data files! What kind of testers are you?!? )
  • Add-On Change: Removed SortEnchant. Advanced Trade Skill Window now handles enchanting as well.
  • Add-On Change: Removed Catalyst. No longer needed post-1.11. Added to conflict list, so the Mazzifier will now disable it.
  • Add-On Change: Removed Fubar Transporter, AceTooltip (did not find useful)
  • Add-On Change: Removed Fubar-Compat-1.0, FuBarPlugin-1.2 (no longer needed by any Fubar plugins being used)
  • Add-On Change: Removed AceAccept. Functionality now provided within MazzleUI.
  • Add-On Updates: <See release notes for full list>