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MazzleUI 0.7 Now Released and Open to the Public!
By: Mazzlefizz - 11-25-06 03:15 PM

Still beta, but now publically available. Enjoy.

0.7 Change log

- Feature Addition: MazzleOptions and MazzleHelp integrated into one add-on with a button to switch between the two modes. I think it will be easier for users to see everything in one interface. MazzleOptions code was also much better and more flexible.

- Feature Addition: MazzleOptions now has an integrated FAQ system. It automatically numbers sections/questions and presents questions and answers appropriately.

- Feature Addition: TONS of new help and FAQ questions added to MazzleOptions help system. All documents re-organized and rewritten.

- Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now prompt the user to re-enable add-ons it needs to change the settings for. Clicking yes will automatically enable all such add-ons and reload the UI.

- Layout Change: Moved improved error frame button near other minimap buttons so certain button layouts have more room.

- Feature Addition: MazzleUI will automatically adjust minimap buttons for add-ons that are disabled and aren't showing their buttons.

- Bug Fix: You no longer will have problems clicking on links at the bottom of the general chat window. Hid the resize edges of the chat frame. (Thanks to Tigerheart for figuring it out)

- Bug Fix: Fixed MonkeyQuest showing up in the middle left rather than top left in some aspect ratios

- Bug Fix: Dots on you will show up in right combat log

- Bug Fix: XRaidStatus should properly mazzify in all cases now

- Feature Addition: Added auto dismounting at flight masters since it was lost when changing from FlightPath to ToFu.

- Bug Fix: Divine Spirit fixed in NeedyList (credit to Tiger for the fix)

- Add-On Set Change: Added SimpleCombatLog, Fubar Mail and BookofTracks to "Minimal" set.

- Settings Change: Turned buff timers on in Blizzard settings module. (Don't know how/why it got to be off)

- Settings Change: Fixed bindings of autobar buttons. (new ace2 version changed things)

- Feature Addition: Button layout browser will now only show layouts that are universal or applicable to your class.

- Bug Fix: Clicking the "Button Layout" checkbox in Mazzifier will not throw an illegal ID error

- Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures AtlasLoot settings

- Settings Change: Necrosis now at 130%, purple skin, buffs on left and timers off.

- Add-On Change: Replaced vChat and Teknicolor with Prat.

- Button Layout Change: All button layout descriptions updates and all new preview pictures in the Mazzifier.

- Feature Addition: Mazzifier can now consider a list of spells when deciding what to put in a button! It will put the first item found from the list into the button. It will also not put an item that it has already placed before. Creating layouts that can handle multiple talent specs, character levels, racial abilities, etc. is much easier to do now.

- Feature Addition: Added mount set to replace previous single mount binding in all layouts. Considers all current mounts in the game. You no longer have to learn how to use DAB to do drop your mount into slot 120.

- Feature Addition: Added set of ALL tradeskills to three buttons in the context menu. This should guarantee that everybody's trade skills show up right, including supporting skills like Disenchanting and Smelting.

- Feature Addition: Added a racial skills set button to every layout. All racial skills should show up now. (Note: You may still need to add cannibalize to some of the layouts that didn't have room.)

- Button Layout Change: All max spells changed to be several levels higher. This means all layouts should properly place AQ and BC level spells.

- Button Layout Change: DAB cooldown counts all turned off since OmniCC does them and a bit more

- Button Layout Change: Changed context menu scripts in the button layouts to use options in MazzleOptions, so that it won't hide on click if you don't want it to.

- Button Layout Change: Changed pet and shapeshift forms to have visible locations for all classes. (for future use and special cases like Razorgore possession)

- Feature Addition: New button layout, "Big Buttons Simple". It's like the Simple layout, but with fewer buttons that are much larger. Good for low resolution and/or 1.25 aspect ratio.

- Add-On Selection Change: Enemy Cast Bar defaults to off. (It's just too expensive)

- Mage Layout:
- Fixed overlapping bars when certain skills are missing
- Cleaned up positioning of bars
- Combined combustion and arcane power into the same button (when mazzifying, not in general)
- Added multiple oil set for the oil button
- Added multiple polymorph set to the polymorph button
- Added blastwave to AOE bar
- Adjusted pet and shapeshift bar locations
- Added 1.33 version

- Priest Layout:
- Fixed overlapping bars when certain skills are missing
- Cleaned up positioning of bars
- Added auto-applying oil button
- Now handles shadow spec spells
- Now handles Power Infusion, Lightwell and Divine Spirit
- Now handles all racial priest spells, not just Fear Ward. Desperate prayer, Hex of Weakness, Starshards and Devouring Plague grouped in one button, while Feedback, Fear Ward, Shadowguard, Elune's Grace and Touch of Weakness is in another.
- Should be better for leveling. Will place lesser heal and heal buttons in certain spots when you don't have greater heal or heal. Will do the same for cure poison when you don't have abolish poison.
- Adjusted pet and shapeshift bar locations
- Added 1.33 version
- Fixed shoot wand binding

- Hunter Layout:
- Changed range check to use wing clip. Ranged bar will now show in all cases except when wing clip is in range. (before melee would show when completely out of range of both melee and ranged weapons)
- Added missing Aspect of the Beast and ordered aspects based on levels you acquire them
- Feign death button moved so that it doesn't overlap pvp icon. F5 binding added by request.
- Improved bindings
- Added Wyvern Sting, Counter-Attack and Trueshot Aura

- Warlock Layout:
- Improved bindings
- Fixed overlapping bars when certain skills are missing
- Cleaned up positioning of bars. Fixed overlap with bg queue icon
- Detect Greater Invisibility and Detect Lesser Invisibility merged into one button
- Demon Skin and Demon Armour merged into one button
- Added warlock mounts to mount sets so they'll install just like normal mounts and be bound to shift-~
- Reordered curses
- Reordered fears
- Shoot wand should properly work on F1

- Added combination Elemental Mastery/Stormstrike button
- Added Nature's Swiftness
- Added Mana Tide Totem
- Re-organized layout
- Improved bindings

Shaman Durzil
- Added stormstrike, nature's swiftness and mana tide totems (spots for the latter two probably don't make sense, but I didn't want to mess with the layout)
- Cleaned up various layout problems (some anchors, overlapping battleground icon and gatherer, proper pet and shapeshift bar location)
- Note: Does not fit in 1.25 aspect ratio

Rogue Simple
- Added racial buttons
- Improved bindings
- Increased size of shapeshift bar, moved so that it won't overlap tracking or gatherer icons
- Fixed anchors

- Completely revamped. Many fundamental changes.
- Added all missing talents
- Added 1.33 and 1.25 versions

- Fixed nil error when using the judgement keybinding
- Improved key bindings
- Added talents holy shock, repentance, divine favor, holy shield

Joypunk's Warrior Layout
- Fixed Execute/Overpower changing
- Removed faux stance shift bar
- Added Fury and Protection Talents (piercing howl, death wish, bloodthirst, last stand, concussion blow, and shield slam)
- Made keybindings more consistent with other layouts

SimpleWarrior and Simple Druid Layouts
- Added explicit racial skills buttons
- Added some action placements
- Rearranged bars to be consistent with other layouts (main bar is top right)
- Improved key bindings