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0.92b Now Posted To The Beta Forums!
By: Mazzlefizz - 01-03-07 04:15 PM

Change Log:
  • Feature Addition: 200+ cameras added to handle all new BC models and current changed models (please report any models that look off)
    • Note: There seems to be significant differences between the models on the live servers and those on BC. Some stuff may be off when on live, but I'm not going to re-adjust unless BC is significantly delayed.
  • Feature Addition: Automatically opening bags at bank, trade, merchent, auction house now an option. (useful for those who add all-in-one bag addons)
  • Feature Addition: Button layouts can now specify to allow duplicates on a per bar basis. Should fix problems with button layouts with spec or role-based pages, and layouts like joypunk's that have lots of duplicates.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now pre-parse button layouts and check for skills you don't have, then adjust the size of bars accordingly. This will make the layouts look a lot more like they used to with DAB's 'collapse buttons' setting. This pre-parsing will be skipped for any bar that has a 'show empty buttons' setting, for example, bars intended for miscellaneous skills or bars in the simple layouts.
  • Feature Addition: ToT HotSpot changed from a texture to a secure button with click casting capability. The entire area below the target unit frame (where it shows "Looking at..." will behave like a ToT frame with using up anymore space in the layout.
  • Bug Fix: Added MovableBags to mazzifier list so that it can reset everybody's faulty bag positions
  • Bug Fix: Adjusted buff and debuff so that they grow the right way, based on DUF inexplicable new behavior
  • Bug Fix: Both weapon buff frames should show properly now with buff timers
  • Bug Fix: Buff and debuff frames adjusted so they don't overlap oCD timer bars in all three aspects
  • Bug Fix: Changed all $tn references in DUF layouts to new $ut text string. Should fix target of targets not updating. (Actually, doesn't seem to work at all now. :/)
  • Bug Fix: Changed combat queue calls from CQ library to Ace's ScheduleLeaveCombatAction
  • Bug Fix: Changed raid layout changes to be queued if they occur during combat lockdown
  • Bug Fix: Changing raid layout or MT position when in combat no longer causes blocked errors
  • Bug Fix: Changing raid layout or MT position when not in a raid no longer throws errors
  • Bug Fix: Chat tabs will once again hide when not flashing or moused over
  • Bug Fix: Context menu hotspot will work without having to manually hide the context menu first (Tigerheart fix)
  • Bug Fix: Context menu will hide when it's on page 2 (Tigerheart fix)
  • Bug Fix: Disabled ToT hotspot until I can add a secure button for it
  • Bug Fix: Druid stance rules changed so that prowl keeps the bar on the cat page.
  • Bug Fix: Fizzwidget's track menu will no longer give blocking errors (Tigerheart fix)
  • Bug Fix: Map HotSpot now correctly opens Cartographer world map.
  • Bug Fix: Mazz3D options will correctly register and unregister events again
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will once again hide extra bars initially.
  • Bug Fix: MazzleUI will no longer try to unregister events it was unable to register before. (like the UNIT_MANA people were reporting)
  • Bug Fix: oCD will no longer throw an error with pet classes (Tigerheart fix)
  • Bug Fix: WitchHunt override changed so that it will now be properly placed in all resolutions.
  • Button Layout Change: Added 'Prayer of Spirit' to priest layouts
  • Button Layout Change: Following layouts now allow duplicates: Mazzle Mage, Joypunk Warrior, Mazzle Priest, Mazzle Paladin, Mazzle Shaman, Durzil Shaman, Mazzle Druid.
  • Button Layout Change: Mage 1.25 and Mage 1.33 layouts changed to make room for Trade Dispenser and to not overlap right chat window.
  • Button Layout Change: Rogue layout changed so stealth skills now appear on main bar. Old stealth bar will stay fixed with vanish, feint, kick. Main action bar's second page will now contain Cheap Shot, Ambush, Garrote, Sap, Mutilate. New skills set up to shift down the bar for lower level rogues.
  • Layout Change: Increased buff and debuff slots as much as layouts would allow in each aspect ratio. (Usually around 32 can be seen now)
  • MazzleOptions changed: Credits, Changelog updated. A few minor FAQ questions updated.
  • Settings Change: Capping settings and positional information added to Mazzifier.
  • Settings Change: ShardAce summon buttons now grow upwards. Also added override so that minimap based-placement cannot occur.
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Change GFW Trackmenu to grow up to work better in MazzleUI layout
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Changed Movable Bags to set the bags as user placed so that positions stick
  • 3rd Party Add-On Modification: Removed Book of Crafts override. Bug fixed by author.
  • Add-On Change: Added Baggins as an all-in-one bag type add-on. Off by default with a question to enable in the Mazzifier. Settings and bindings also added.
  • Add-On Change: Added FuBar GarbageFu
  • Add-On Change: Removed AH Quick Search. Functionality overlaps with MailTo.
  • Add-On Change: Removed Mars Quest Organizer It seems to conflict with MonkeyQuest now.
  • Add-On Change: Removed TankPoints (don't know if anyone uses, and not very accessible unless you know about it)