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MazzleUI 0.95b Posted To Beta Testers
By: Mazzlefizz - 01-25-07 06:10 PM

0.95 Change Log

  • Feature Addition Made tons of changes to our version of Bongos to make it much easier to modify your layouts. All of the problematic aspects that resulted from our changes in the paging mechanism should now be remedied. I think it's very intuitive now.
    • When adding buttons or pages to a bar, you no longer have to re-arrange your spells afterwards. MazzleUI will compensate for the changes in action IDs by moving your spells and keybindings around so they stay in the same exact buttons.
    • You can once again add bars again normally using the slider in the options window. You don't have to do that odd process with the mega-bar described in the forums any more.
    • When new bars are added, Bongos no longer resets the bar position of all your bars. All existing bars will stay place, while any new bars you add will be arranged in an empty part of the screen so that you can quickly grab them and put them where you want them.
    • Number of available pages and bar size now uses the number of free actions slots to determine the maximum value. This should now insure every button on every page will always have a unique action associated with it. Essentially, it now behaves like DAB did, i.e like it's using a pool of action IDs rather than a stream of them. (underlying still uses a stream though)
    • After changing any appearance settings that affects how much space a bar takes up (like spacing or columns), MazzleUI will re-adjust positions of the bars to honor anchors in the layout.
    • If you change the number of pages slider, Bongos will now automatically turn on/off pages for that bar. By default, that bar will use standard Blizzard paging. If you want it to use stances, you'll still need to add stance rules in the Bongos global options.
    • When adding buttons or pages to bar, Bongos will no longer create the big mega-bar filled with free action IDs
    • When changing the number of bars, the number of pages or any other setting in a slider, Bongos will apply settings only when you're done moving the slider. Previously, it would redo the bars over and over while you moved the slider, making it very sluggish.
    • Bongos no longer enforces an arbitrary limit of 12 columns. Columns will now always be your bar size or a value you set to be lower than that.
    • Disabled sticky settings by default so that layouts will not be messed up when you right click a bar to change settings
    • Made maximum number of bars a fixed 25 rather than 120 to make it easier to get the exact value you want.
    • You can once again change the opacity slider in the options popup. The window needed to be made larger and anchored differently to accomodate the extra slider that Tiger added about a month ago.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier spell and skill action placement should now work for all languages! (Thank you, BabbleSpell) Some item placement stuff will not work, but there's really not many of those items.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier will now change Fubar font size and scale other fonts to 115% and 130$ when changing the font size setting, so the font size option now affects more than just the chat window. This will affect things like the StatusWindow items and Tooltip text.
  • Feature Addition MazzleUI panel will now osciallate a red color when player gains aggro.
  • Feature Addition Added entries MazzleUI fubar menu to allow you to access quickly unlock bongos bars, unlock buttons, show empty buttons and open bongos options.
  • Feature Addition Bottom right hotspot behavior changed. Left-clicking will open ItemSync. Right-clicking will toggle Smart Debuff. If raid MT windows are visible and in the side position mode, it will switch MT windows to the top so that it doesn't overlap Smart Debuff. Will switch it back to side if Smart Debuff is hidden again.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier will now check your skills and not install Cartographer Herbalism or Mining unless you have the corresponding skill. You must also answer yes to the question in add-on selection.
  • Feature Addition New entry in MazzleUI Fubar menu that opens CharacterInfo's bank/inventory viewers. There wasn't an obvious way to access this before for users who did not know about the add-on.
  • Feature Addition Added Blizzard's LFG button to the buttons dynamically arranged on the right side of the UI.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier will now configure SmartBuff and SmartDebuff. Feedback on settings appreciated.
  • Feature Addition Added SmartBuff's minimap button to the buttons dynamically arranged on the right side of the UI, since it's something whose settings you may tweak often.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier will now configure ItemSync.
  • Feature Addition Mazzifier asks additional questions about types of cartographer notes you want automatically recorded and whether you want specific raid addons installed.
  • Bug Fix When there are multiple actions for one button, Mazzifier will now consider them in the correct order. Higher priority items should now be placed correctly, for example Polymorph Turtle instead of Polymorph Sheep. This is especially important for layouts where things were ordered in a specific way to make the layout work better for lower level characters.
  • Bug Fix Bongos should no longer occasionally hide bars even though show empty buttons is checked. (Previously if you dragged an action, empty buttons would erroneously hide even though setting said it shouldn't.)
  • Bug Fix Clique settings will be Mazzified again. There was a settings format change.
  • Bug Fix Review 3d model camera angles. Several were fixed. Please report any ones that seem wrong. Include screenshots if possible
  • Bug Fix You can once again tickle the 3d models to start a random animation. You must now right-click and drag in a tickling motion to do it.
  • Bug Fix/Workaround Disabled lines in autobar that were giving Warlocks error until the problem is resolved by the Author.
  • Bug Fix/Workaround Possible fix for StatusWindow's durability error that some characters are seeing. I think it's caused by the same problem that's cause SuperInspect to have issues.
  • Code Improvement MazzleUI Fubar menu will now close the menu when user selects an option that open up other frames.
  • Code Improvement Mazzifier will now hide more cluttering windows before initial Mazzification.
  • Code Improvement Mazzifier will now place party and raid chat in ChatFrame4 instead of obsolete LFG. Chat frame now called "Group"
  • Code Improvement Recap button will no longer show if user does not have Recap enabled
  • Code Improvement You can no longer click cast on the 3d models. This will give the user an easy place to select the target or access the party righ-click menu while still being able to click cast on the rest of the unit frame.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification Added 45 second chronometer timer that starts when Water Elemental is summoned.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification Removed RestFu's periodic updating. Experimental. I don't see why it needs to be updated every 3 seconds. I think the event-based updates should be sufficient.
  • Layout Change Added positional information for SmartBuff and SmartDebuff frames.
  • Layout Change Added positional info for XLoot's group looting. Changed scaling to 150%.
  • Layout Change ShardAce's firestone button will now be hidden. There no longer is room with the addition of some new minimap buttons in that area.
  • Layout Change Moved scrollframe reminder buttons so they don't overlap bottom panel border
  • Add-On Change Replaced PerformanceFu with GCInfoFu. (We were just using it for garbage collection and don't need the other stuff)
  • Add-On Change Added Fubar AutolootFu and FuBar RestFu. I've been finding both of these quite useful, especially now that we're all levelling and questing again.
  • Add-On Change Removed BigWigs C'Thun Assistant and BigWigs NefCount. I don't think very many people are running AQ or BWL much right now.
  • Add-On Change Added SmartBuff. Is now a core add-on.
  • Add-On Changed Added Smart Debuff. I added this as an optional add-on you have to answer a question to get enabled. My only concern is that it's a little bit redundant -- you can do this via sRaid and Clique pretty much in the same way -- and uses a good deal of space. I added position info to place it in the same spot that raid frames go on the right (where NeedyList used to be). I'm guessing it also uses as much resources as simple raid frames would. sRaidFrames also now has a 'Grid' view. It's possible I can use that in the future as another hot-swappable layout that could serve the same function as SmartDebuff. Until I get back into a raiding situation where it's necessary, I won't know. We'll see.
  • Add-On Change Removed xcalc. I simply never used it. Took a quick poll of friends and they never needed it. It's probably useful to some people, but I decided it wasn't generally used enough to make it a staple.
  • Add-On Change Added FuXpFu. Attaches nifty xp bar border to FuBar. Wish we didn't have to run 3 xp add-ons that overlap so much, but each one has a really cool feature. Also added settings to Mazzifier to set colors to match UI's color scheme.
  • Add-On Changed Added BigWigs_KLHTMTarget. Mazzifier will only enable BigWigs_KLHTMTarget if both KLHTM and BigWigs are enabled.
  • Options Change MazzleOptions updated for changed add-ons. Several new options GUI elements added.
  • FAQ Update Added SmartBuff question with author's FAQ and description
  • Bindings Change Added SmartBuff binding (Ctrl-D). Only installed if user chooses a package with SmartBuff.
  • Settings Change Re-ordered names on chronometer and antagonist timer bars to show name of spell or effect first, and name of enemy second. This was done b/c the names of some mobs are very long. It's better they get truncated rather than the spell name or effect.
  • Button Layout Change Mage context menu changed to handle four new porting spells on first page and molten armor. Most mana gems moved to second page as well as hearthstone. If you don't have molten armor, hearthstone will still be on first page.