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MazzleUI 0.99b Posted To Beta Testers
By: Mazzlefizz - 02-03-07 11:12 PM

New version posted to beta forums.

0.99 Change Log
  • Feature Addition: Bongos no longer has a fixed maximum number of bars. Instead, it uses the number of free Action IDs. Any setting change that uses or frees action IDs will no change the maximum number of bars slider.
  • Feature Addition: Removed party-like unit frame for focus target and added a compact replacement that attaches to the player's unit frame. There simply wasn't enough room for a full size frame without putting it somewhere odd. New frame shows the name, health bar, raid icon, 4 buffs, 4 debuffs and target of the focus unit.
  • Feature Addition: Entire FAQ reviewed and updated for the massive changes since 0.75. Many new FAQ entries added.
  • Feature Addition: Added two new question to the Mazzifier. One asks if you want extra statistical information add-ons, while the other asks if you play multiple characters. Classified add-ons that fit those characteristics.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now mazzify SmartBuff with different settings based on your class and abilities.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleHUD now also shows a rough estimate of the distance to the target. This option can be turned off in MazzleOptions.
  • Feature Addition: Added option to turn off strobing red of bottom panel when aggro is gained
  • Feature Addition: Added an option to turn off alt-clicking to trade
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI combat efficiency mode will now only toggle performance items that make sense in that mode, namely 3D model animation, HUD range checking, name plates, spell effects, and unit frame update rate. All other performance items will no longer have a checkbox for combat mode in MazzleOptions either.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI manual efficiency mode will now only toggle performance items that make sense in that mode, namely everything except BigWigs and SmartDebuff.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI Efficiency mode can now turn timer bar add-ons on and off.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI Efficiency mode can now turn spell effects down.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI Efficiency mode can now turn Smart Debuff off.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI Efficiency mode can now pause SWStats and DamageMeters. These items are separate from the Recap toggling. (Please verify if it works in raid after joing sync channel)
  • Feature Addition: If the user does not explicitly tell MazzleUI what it considers 'high video settings', it will present them with a warning when they switch to an efficiency mode that changes to the graphics level. This warning has a button that will take them directly to the FAQ entry on how to do it. This should hopefully help those people who don't bother to read the FAQ and then wonder why they're losing graphics performance.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI will now toggle Baggins instead of Blizzard bags if it is enabled. Mazzifier will no longer disable auto-open option when Baggins is selected. Mazzifier will reset this setting to on for everybody.
  • Feature Addition: When toggling or hiding SmartDebuff, it will now also hide the bag and menu bar if visible in addition to moving MT windows
  • Feature Addition: Added options GUI for GoGoMount's options
  • Feature Addition: Added options GUI for Fizzwidget's Disenchant Predictor
  • Feature Addition: Added options GUI for SuperInspect
  • Feature Addition: Added options GUI for Free Refills
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: MonkeyBuddy now load on demand. You can open it via MazzleOptions.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: XCalc now load-on-demand. MazzleUI will only load it if you click on the hotspot.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Override added for SmartDebuff that changed its initialization to allow it to be enabled and disabled in-game for use with MazzleUI efficiency mode.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Clicking on a button will no longer pick up that action when you have the 'Show Empty Buttons' feature on. You can now play the game while showing all the empty buttons.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Disabled gfxToggle from calling SetBaseMip, which is causing some custom textures to disappear when toggling efficiency mode.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Added optional dependencies to King of the Jungle so it will run without embedded libs.
  • 3rd-Party Add-On Modification: Added cyCircled override so that it applies to the context menu. Does not fully work yet. Button shapes changed but textures aren't visible.
  • Code Improvement: Re-embedded libraries that are only used by one add-on back into their add-on. Not sure if this is a good idea, but it cleans up the add-on directory a little bit. Sieve, RollCall, UTF8, ChatThrottleLib, JostLib, TipLib, and AnchorsAway
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier font scale and Fubar font size changes will now apply immediately.
  • Code Improvement: Updated Mazzifier's warned and conflict list.
  • Code Improvement: Removed several obsolete add-on overrides.
  • Code Improvement: Removed obsolete efficiency mode toggles: button hiding, compass disabling, DFM and DART update rates.
  • Code Improvement: Updated and fixed many MazzleOptions items (Needs testing)
  • Settings Change: All efficiency mode settings will be reset in this version to accomodate all the new changes.
  • Settings Change: Mazzifier will now modify swstats window's width when mazzifying.
  • Layout Change: Bottom right hotspot behavior changed. Left-clicking will open ItemSync. Right-clicking will open XCalc. Top-right hotspot also changed. Left-clicking will toggle ItemRack. Right-clicking will toggle Smart Debuff if it's enabled.
  • Layout Change: Tower captured states moved to top left corner. It's less likely to overlap stuff there than the center where MT windows and raid frames may be.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed MonkeyQuest bug that created odd "1" tooltips. It was a problem in MonkeyBuddy. (Thanks to Trentin for telling me where to look).
  • Bug Fix: MazzleUI Efficiency mode will correctly toggle Recap again
  • Bug Fix: MazzleUI Efficiency mode will once again correctly suspend camera adjustments
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now create bindings for add-ons that are enabled by don't have settings Mazzified (like TinyPad)
  • Bug Fix: Various mana/damage oils and sharpening stones should once again be placed correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Applied fix to CharacterInfo storage for negative id's
  • Bug Fix: Changed to SuperInspect that might fix bug some people are having inspecting some people.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will no longer tell you that add-on settings need update if a class-only add-on needs updating that is not for you class. (While it wasn't asking you to enable before, it did show a 'Needs Update' next to the add-on settings checkbox.)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will once again correctly enable the appropriate Cartographer modules based on skills and the questions answered in the add-on selection pane
  • Bug Fix: Fixed raid icons in target frames
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will try hiding 'confusing' windows several times. This is so they will be properly hidden on both slower and faster computers.
  • Bug Fix: Added ShardAceFire button to delayed hide list. It should hide more reliably now.
  • Bug Fix: XLoot anchor should properly be placed now at 1.25 and 1.33 aspects. Mazzifier will first set the scale of the frame before calculating its position.
  • Bug Fix: Button overlays now work again. You'll see a red border around the efficiency mode button if you're in manual efficiency mode. You'll also see a red border around the Recap button if it currently not tracking damage.
  • Button Layout Change: Pet bar in 1.25 aspect mage layout scaled to 73% to leave enough room for TradeDispensor. (Also trade dispensor moved further left.)
  • Button Layout Change: Prospecting added to trade skills that will be placed in the context menu
  • Bindings Change: Added binding for LFG window to core set. (control-L)
  • Bindings Change: Hunter Mend Pet now Ctrl-X for consistency with other layouts
  • Bindings Change: Added focus keybindings. Shift-F to set focus and alt-f to target focus. Hunter layout's assist binding changed from alt-f to ctrl-f to accomodate this changes.
  • Add-On Change: Re-Added FuBar GarbageFu
  • Add-On Change: Removed FuBar ReagentFu from warlock set. Redundant with ShardAce display and there simply wasn't enough room in FuBar.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced Fizzwidget's Feed-O-Matic with King of the Jungle. Feed-O-Matic was having some sort of conflict with Ratings buster, possible item link issue. Added positional info for feed button too.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced MCP with ACP.
  • Add-On Change: Removed BigWigs KLH add-on. Obsolete.
  • Add-On Change: Added Free Refills
  • Add-On Change: Added cyCircled and settings. This add-on is optional, so user must answer a question to have it installed.