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MazzleUI 1.1 Preview
By: Mazzlefizz - 06-20-07 11:27 PM
Just posted the new version to the beta group, so I thought I'd let you guys know a little more about what's in store for the next version. To pre-emptively answer the easiest question in advance, no I don't know when it will be released publically. I have a few more features I'd like to add while people try this out for a bit.

Anyway, here's the current change log for this version:
  • Feature Addition: Camera adjustments added for every new mob in WoW Patch 2.1
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now has a skin chooser that will allow you to choose from a number of different sets of artwork. You can currently choose from: Elven metal theme (the traditional backround), Noob123's Night Elf Skin (now the default), Noob123's Undead skin, Noob123's Everquest skin and Minyaen's Dungeon skin. This may be expanded in the future to allow significantly different layouts.
  • Feature Addition: Added option to turn off snap to layout feature of the MazzleUI's version of Bongos. This will allow people to more easily make radical changes to their button layouts.
  • Feature Addition: New raid target mini-buttons. There are now 9 small icons inside your target frame for quickly assigning raid icons. These will only appear if you are the raid or party leader.
  • Feature Addition: The previous MonkeyQuest hotspot will now toggle the nQuestLog's minion and detail frame if visible.
  • Feature Addition: User can now click-cast on the 3d character models. This should resolve issues for users at the 1.25 and 1.33 aspect ratios, where it was difficult to find a place to click-cast on the party frames. The click-casting option can be toggled on and off in the Mazz3D section of MazzleOptions. The mazzifier will set it to be on in 1.25 and 1.33 aspects, and off in 1.6.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifer now has a new install option, "Auction Mule". This is a minimal, fast-loading set with core MazzleUI, auction house and mail add-ons. When user selects this option, all other add-on selection options are ignored.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will once again titillate your character with Mazzlegasms. User can now choose how they communicate their pleasure (yelling, saying or holding it in.)
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier's add-on selection questions now split up into three pages that are better organized.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now check exactly what forms a druid has learned and set the Bongos stance changing rules based on that information. This should clear up all problems with druids that have not learned aquatic form.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now knows which add-ons have positional information in their settings. If you change the aspect ratio, it will flag those add-ons as needing updates.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will no longer warn you about disabled add-ons that need mazzification via an annoying dialog box. It will now be an embedded widget in the add-on settings page.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier will now unbind all default blizzard paging bindings for druids, warriors, and rogues. (May have caused problems before.)
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier has several new questions for new optional add-ons like a replacement casting bar and mob respawn timers.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now asks how you like your nametags and nameplates set. Will configure blizzard settings and enable Aloft if nameplates is chosen.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configure and places the nQuestLog minion. The Mazzifier will also bind 'L' to toggle nQuestLog in the same way that MonkeyQuest and MonkeyQuestLog's window was toggled. You can change this binding in the MazzleUI section of keybindings. (nQuestLog did not have this binding)
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures and places Deadly Boss Mods. Question added to Mazzifier to choose which boss mod you want. Capping disabled if DBM is chosen.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures and places Incubator.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures and places KLH Threatmeter.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures AHSearch.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures Aloft.
  • Feature Addition: Mazzifier now configures FarmerFu. (initializes tracked items to various primals)
  • Feature Addition: Added two new entries in the MazzleUI fubar menu. One will reload your UI. The other will take you immediately into Bongos key binding mode with one click.
  • Feature Addition: New option added to hide nQuestLog when logging in. This option can be found in the MazzleUI General category under Automation.
  • Feature Addition: New option to hide KLH Threatmeter when logging in. This is probably a temporary measure since KTMCPUManager seems to break KTM's ability to hide based on status. This option can be found in the MazzleUI General category under Automation.
  • Feature Addition: Tons of new options and descriptions added to MazzleOptions. References to DeuceCommander changed to point to the appropriate category in Niagra.
  • Code Improvement: Add-on structure changed to allow easier updating via WAU (WoW Ace Updater). This involved making a few remaining embedded libraries (the ones used by only 1 add-on) unembedded and adding a few .svn folder to avoid updating add-ons that would break things. User should now be able to install WAU, point it to your add-ons folder and simply tell it to update without externals. Also added all the new unembedded libraries to MazzleOptions.
  • Code Improvement: Layout part of Mazzification now only positions windows and applies the skin that the user selects. It has been renamed to "Layout and Skins". The configuration of Discord Unit Frames is now a normal add-on mazzification. (Original the layout option configured all of the discord add-ons. That is obviously no longer the case. This will also allow for far more flexible skins in the future.)
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier will now bind the shifting actions directly to bongos class bar rather than to the shifting spells. (May have caused problems previously.)
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier will only change the saved aspect ratio when mazzifying the 'Look'n'Feel'. This should make it easier for people who want to mazzify certain aspects in an atypical way. For example, this would help people who run MazzleUI on different machines with different aspect ratios that want to use the same exact button layouts on both machines.
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier's add-on settings page now dynamically-generated. The new page is scrollable and allows an arbitrary number of add-ons to be mazzified.
  • Code Improvement: Removed conflict list and put all those items in Warned list. If people choose to *switch* to something in conflict list (which wouldn't be a conflict any more), automatic disabling would be bad.
  • Documentation Change: Added warning to install instructions and Mazzifier that the contents of your previous button layout will be lost if you mazzify your buttons and have the 'place actions' setting checked.
  • Documentation Changed: Added warning to Mazzifier about losing your buttons if you uninstall UI and pointers on how to avoid. Added complete step-by-step instructions in the instructions.txt detailing how to save and restore your button layouts with SimpleActionSets.
  • Button Layout Change: Added BC racials to all layouts.
  • Layout Change: Moved focus to be above player pet. This causes less overlap with player buffs and allowed me to increase the size of the focus debuff icons, which is nice for classes that are trying to monitor CC on a focus target.
  • Layout Change: Party pet frames in 1.33 and 1.25 layouts are now above the unit frames like the 1.6 layout. You may seem some overlap with target buffs/debuffs if your target has a lot of them, for example on a raid boss encounter. This should make the pet frames look more sensical in full groups. Removed code that dynamically moved pet frames based on location of MT windows, etc.
  • Layout Change: Target frame's raid icon moved upwards make room for new raid icon mini-buttons.
  • Third-Party Add-On Modification: Added new interface code for nQuestLog to display LightHeaded comments.
  • Third-Party Add-On Modification: Fixed broken control-clicking in item reward links in nQuestLog. Also fixed dressing room items.
  • Bug Fix: Added another check to see if sRaidFrames are initialized before laying out raid frames.
  • Bug Fix: Added BadWhispers submitted french localization for MyBindings2.
  • Bug Fix: Changed Autobar mazzification to handle setting structure changes.
  • Bug Fix: Changed how MazzleUI changes the visibility of raid frames to accomodate changes in sRaidFrames settings.
  • Bug Fix: Disabling ClearFont will no longer prevent Mazzification from finishing.
  • Bug Fix: Efficiency modes will correctly switch name tag settings again. All name tag settings reset in case people fooled around with them trying to get them to work before.
  • Bug Fix: HUD and target buttons updated to handle changes in CheckInteractDistance. HUD ranges will display different text and inspect button will stay visible to 30 yards.
  • Bug Fix: HUD mana percentages will now show correct values. Targets without mana will not show any text.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier now able to correctly re-enable SuperInspect and BugSack for mazzification when their dependencies have been manually turned off.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier should now handle foreign language class names correctly when configuring button and add-ons.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will correctly place SmartDebuff at any resolution now.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will no longer throw error when mazzifying SmartBuff on a brand new character.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now always hide distracting windows. (Previously it only did it on new installs.)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now correctly place downscaled spells again and items again, for example Frost Nova rank 1 and Brilliant Wizard Oil.
  • Bug Fix: Not really a bug, but MazzleUI efficiency modes will no longer toggle nametag and nameplate settings in different contexts. This was removed for 2 reasons: (1) to stem the questions from the vast majority of users who refuse to read documentation of any sort, and (2) seemed less useful to me since I always keep Aloft on now.
  • Bug Fix: oRA override updated to handle oRA2_Optional being a standalone add-on. This should fix the problem with people who use WAU no longer being able to use MazzleUI menu to hotswap their MT window locations.
  • Bug Fix: Re-enabled cyCircle option in the Mazzifier.
  • Bug Fix: Recap frame will once again be hidden when Mazzifier is pulled up.
  • Bug Fix: Right-click on MazzleUI logo will once again rotate raid views
  • Bug Fix: ShardAce should no longer ever show the Firestone button
  • Bug Fix: sRaidFrames settings re-done. Among other things, raid frames will again be organized by group so layouts will be positioned correctly.
  • Bug Fix: To avoid the odd bug that crashes non-intel Macs, the Mazzifier will no longer completely compress bars for which the character has no skills. (You'll get an empty bar of size 1.)
  • Bug Fix: Updated MazzleOption's custom gui for OmniCC to handle the add-on's new settings.
  • Settings Change: Fubar will now be locked and will hide tooltips when in combat.
  • Settings Change: Prat settings updated for new settings structure.
  • Settings change: Removed all harmful spell settings from Mazzifier's Clique configurations. (I don't think most people use offensive click casting.)
  • Settings Change: Settings for Recap redone. In addition to updates for new structures, Sync will be enabled by default.
  • Settings Change: Settings updated for new OmniCC settings structure.
  • Settings Change: Turned off 'used-in' tree in Mendeleev b/c of unusual tooltip behavior. (tons of unvalidated links being shown for items)
  • Settings Change: Turned on chronometers option to track your own effect over time effects, i.e your dots and hots.
  • Settings Change: XLoot group window moved closer to top of the screen so that it doesn't overlap resurrection window
  • Add-On Change: Removed DamageMeters, DamageMetersFu. Also removed damage meters toggling from MazzleUI efficiency modes.
  • Add-On Change: Removed Fubar PetInfoFu. ( Seemed to be causing lockups and crashes for a lot of people.)
  • Add-On Change: Removed Fubar RestFu. (Probably less useful now that fewer people are leveling multiple characters)
  • Add-On Change: Removed TradeDispensor. (Seems a lot less necessary with smaller raid sizes)
  • Add-On Change: Removed FuXPFu. (Less need now that fewer people are levelling. Also a bit redundant.)
  • Add-On Change: Removed Periodic Table 1 and 2. (No longer needed by any add-ons)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced ClearFont2 with Tuller's slimmed-down ClearFont2d. Added GUI options in MazzleOptions for Clearfont 2d's options since it doesn't have a waterfall GUI like the full version.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced MonkeyQuest and MonkeyQuestLog with nQuestLog. (Similar quality of display with additional funcitonality)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced Tinypad with Omnibus. (much more feature rich) Make sure to read the release notes BEFORE INSTALLATION if you want to import your old notes into Omnibus.
  • Add-On Change: Replaced SkillsPlusFu light with SkillsPlusFu. (Former wasn't updated as often.)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced EQCompare with TekCompare. (Lighter-weight.)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced DeuceCommander with Niagara. (Gui options instead of dropdown menus.)
  • Add-On Change: Replaced CharacterInfo with Sanity2. (Powerful search features, allows you to view inventories as a list. We do lose ability to see stats of other characters.)
  • Add-On Change: Added ArenaUnitFrames, a very powerful set of faux unit frames for the entire other team in an arena.
  • Add-On Change: Added Arena Pointer, an add-on that shows estimated points gained for current arena team rankings.
  • Add-On Change: Added La Vendetta's Deadly Boss Mods, a very nice boss encounter add-on with lots of interesting notifications.
  • Add-On Change: Added Incubator, timers that show time left before trash mobs respawn in certain instances.
  • Add-On Change: Added KTMCPUManager, an add-on that turns off the very expensive KTM threat list when it is not needed, for e.g. when out of combat or solo.
  • Add-On Change: Added LightHeaded, an add-on that shows you wowhead quest comments in-game.
  • Add-On Change: Added Little Wigs, an adjunct to BigWigs that provides timers for 5-man instances.
  • Add-On Change: Added MoveFrames, an add-on that lets you move all Blizzard frames and save their location.
  • Add-On Change: Added SimpleActionSets, an add-on that lets you save the contents of your buttons. This add-on will automatically be disabled during normal use.
  • Add-On Change: Added Nymbia's SpellBinder, an add-on that lets you create key bindings directly to spells, skills and items. This also allows you to edit the 'hidden' bindings that the Mazzifier sets up.
  • Add-On Change: Added WhoFavorites, add-on that lets you save commonly used /who requests. (Used to be part of MazzleUI but broke at some point.)