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Feature #: 2781
File: FuBar - RestFu
Date: 06-02-08 06:04 PM
By: xNomeda
Status: Under Review
I would like to see the ability to show exp and rest exp as real values instead of %. Also, any chance of being able to hide time played and time to max rest etc and only show xp/rest xp?

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By: bluefear - 12-06-08 09:43 AM
I also like to see the exp shown as real values instead of %. Also, Titanbar had a plugin called restxp+ that calculated the estimated amount of mobs needed to reach the end of the exp bar. It would be awesome if you could embed that in this addon. Not nescessary ofcourse, but it would be great.

Thanks in advance and ofcourse keep up the good work
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