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ID Bug Reverse Sort Order Date By Status Interface Comment
6104 Throws up errors on Hunter when "Beast Lore" is used. 08-29-09 05:00 AM Frayol Unconfirmed Smooth Quest None.
5292 Spell Filter options screen generating LUA error 12-20-08 11:04 AM Cedrich Unconfirmed WitchHunt None.
4707 Internal Error 09-03-08 08:23 PM Studdly Unconfirmed Better Inbox None.
5064 FD Cooldown is off 10-29-08 08:18 PM TyBudd Unconfirmed BigWigs Bossmods None.
6094 failed interaction with altoholic? 08-27-09 08:13 AM ryuzoku Unconfirmed Money Trail None.
6133 Error with Khan Hratha quest in Desolace. 09-13-09 07:24 AM Frayol Unconfirmed Smooth Quest None.
7349 Error on mouseover. 03-14-11 09:10 AM Sec Unconfirmed Money Trail None.
5790 Doesn't skip unique items when auto opening mail if unique item already exists in inventory. 05-01-09 03:23 PM Undu Unconfirmed Better Inbox None.
2368 Disrupting addons 11-04-06 12:45 PM shadowhawx Unconfirmed BigWigs Bossmods None.
7730 Bug while opening mailbox 08-30-12 03:59 PM Dessembrae Unconfirmed Better Inbox None.