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My AddOns
    • FuBar 2.0 Updates.
    • Moved Loot and Roll options to their own submenus to clean up menu.
    • Changed roll announcements to start at 5 seconds instead of 10.
    • If showing ML name, only show short text for master looter (ML).
    • If in LootTyFu mode rolling functions, except click to roll, are disabled.
    • Added Automatic Output channel that tries Raid, the party, and if not in either outputs to chat frame
    • Added Announcement of roll ending and winner. Only works if Clearing of Rolls is enabled.
    • Added Roll count that shown number of rolls out of number of players
    • Fixed nil bug on group join or membership changes
    • Corrected and updated German localizations
    • Used a zipfile that had the german translations in it. Guess a lot of special chars were dropped.

    • Fix for nil bug when in a group.
    • Updated German word for Rolling. A special character got lost in email the first time around.
    • Fix for ML Name not detecting.
    • Fix for Reload UI while in a group
    • Fixed class coloring and level reporting. Only works in Tooltip not bar text.
    • Added German translations (Thanks Matt)

    Think this fixes all known bugs. Going back to work on ItemTrackerFu.