Not too long ago, about two weeks or so; Scholomance UI was released as 1.0, the final version of the 1.0 series. Scholomance UI had undergone a public alpha, and a closed beta prior to the final build. There weren't many errors with the Alpha, but there we're some changes that a few might have liked and disliked. In the closed beta of 1.0, there was a re-evaluation of some of the modifications used. Some of the mods included in the Alpha we're in the end, decided as insufficient for Scholomance UI. FuBar was in 1.0 Alpha, to see if it was "better" in a sense, than TitanPanel, as at the time TitanPanel hadn't seen an update in quite some time and lead many wondering if it will ever be updated. Titan Panel had updated by the time 1.0 Final was released and was included in the closed beta of 1.0. Some of the useless modifications from previous beta versions of Scholomance UI, had been removed.

Final includes it's base mods; CTMod, Drathal's HUD, Scrolling Combat Text, & Titan Panel; as well as a slue of miscellaneous mods.