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conflict with FuBar_TrainerFu
Bug #: 2970
File: Cartographer Trainers
Date: 01-04-07 05:38 PM
By: mikemattmark
Status: Unconfirmed
With trainerfu enabled you can not enable cartographer_trainers. Disabling TrainerFu will then allow cartographer_trainers to be enabled.

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By: Kodewulf - 01-04-07 09:01 PM
That is by design. School and TrainerFu have their own notes modules, so when you are using either one of those two addons Cartographer_Trainers will be disabled.
By: mikemattmark - 01-05-07 07:04 AM
hmmm... must have a problem with Trainer Fu then as it never adds the note. Thanks for the info.
By: Kodewulf - 01-05-07 07:30 AM
Check the menu options for TrainerFu as I'm not sure if the note taking is enabled by default. I'll try to make the check more advanced. To check for TrainerFu and School note modules, instead of just for the addons, but I can't promise anything.