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no new vendors added
Bug #: 3984
File: Cartographer Vendors
Date: 10-07-07 07:54 AM
By: anova
Status: Unconfirmed
Due to patch 2.2 issues, i completely erased my WTF folder and started from scratch, carefully adding recent addons to be sure each worked. With a clean slate, most are up and running great, including Cartographer 50747. But Cartographer Vendors 50914 and Quests 49771 are not showing up in the Rock menu, nor are they adding new icons to the map (I am now using nnTrainers instead of Trainers, so I can't say if yours is working). All other Cartographer addons seem ok - and in fact Vendors and Quests are both working on my bf's computer, which is almost an identical mac setup to my computer and UI. We have tried disabling all other addons besides Cartographer and Vendors/Quests, also erasing the SV files, and still the problem persists.