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Bug #: 4957
File: Urban Achiever
Date: 10-21-08 09:50 AM
By: noble8
Status: Fixed
Interface\AddOns\UrbanAchiever\Main.lua:1752: attempt to index field 'factionAchs' (a nil value)
[C]: ?
Interface\AddOns\UrbanAchiever\Main.lua:1752: in function `RefreshAchievementButtons'
Interface\AddOns\UrbanAchiever\Main.lua:901: in function <Interface\AddOns\UrbanAchiever\Main.lua:891>
Version 0.7, unable to change tabs, ie. go to dungeon-->Classic--->No change in main window display.

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By: Syzgyn - 10-21-08 10:12 AM
Did you by chance update while you were in game,and just reloaded the UI? New files were added, you'd need to restart wow for them to be loaded.
By: noble8 - 10-21-08 10:16 AM
Ofc not All the new files were there. Even deleted saved variables.
By: Syzgyn - 10-21-08 10:41 AM
Arg, I'm an idiot and uploaded the wrong faction file. New build with fix coming in the next 10 minutes.