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Clicking tracked quest throws error
Bug #: 6196
File: Urban Achiever
Date: 10-10-09 12:03 PM
By: Lywellyn
Status: Unconfirmed
[2009/10/10 13:48:51-1972-x1]: UrbanAchiever\Main.lua:378: attempt to call global 'QuestLog_OpenToQuestIndex' (a nil value)
Interface\FrameXML\WatchFrame.lua:111: in function `WatchFrameLinkButtonTemplate_OnClick':
<string>:"*:OnClick":1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>


I use the default UI for quest/achievement tracking, and anytime I click on one of my tracked quests (presumably to open it in my quest log?) this error pops up.

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By: heptadragon - 12-10-09 09:42 AM
This error just popped up for me today as well.
By: Alanor - 12-14-09 01:15 PM
I had the same, I fixed it by removing line 378 in Main.lua and pasting instead (from WatchFrame.lua in FrameXML):

By: Tomate - 03-30-10 01:55 AM
Bug Corrected
By: Peyana - 08-30-10 09:59 AM
I have not downloaded the newest update, but the version prior to this one threw the same error, and I was unable to track the achievements. Had to turn UA off, which was not what I wanted to do, but was necessary in order for me to track chevos.
By: Tomate - 09-16-10 07:41 AM
Please update UrbanAchiever with the last version and tell us if it still happens.
If it still happens please copy the error log here.