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Shift Click and Alt Click Broken
Bug #: 7381
File: Urban Achiever
Date: 04-16-11 06:16 AM
By: ktaragorn
Status: Unconfirmed
Disclaimer: i use linux, so i dunno how much of this is affected by that and wine.. but read on pls i have fixes with the bug.

Im not sure if you have given up on this addon or what.. but i found many tiny bugs with it.. and i went abt trying to fix some of the major ones..

Shift Click to track
This works if chat interface is classic mode.. but with new IM style doesnt work. To fix pls change
Main.Lua ln 1353
if ChatFrame1EditBox:IsVisible() and IsModifiedClick("CHATLINK") then
if ChatFrame1EditBox:HasFocus() and IsModifiedClick("CHATLINK") then
This is because in IM mode, chatbox is always visible but unfocused.

ALt Click to untrack from Tracker
This doesnt work for me.. so i played arnd with these lines
Main.Lua ln 376,382
	if IsModifiedClick("ALT") then
if IsShiftKeyDown() then
Alt doesnt seem to be a valid parameter of IsModifiedClick.. dunno if this was a recent change.. I tried with isaltkeydown.. but didnt work.. and shift seemed more intuitive anyway.. so i used this..

There is also a bug with some of the numerical achieves, for eg.. 25000 valor points ach shows
133000/2500000 done, i.e scaled up by 100 for some reason..

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By: Tomate - 07-06-11 01:41 AM
Sorry I does not consult bug tracker.
For the first two bug I think I can easily correct it.
For the third one, I think I can't do anything. It is the way the achievement is returned by the API.
By: Tomate - 07-06-11 09:30 AM
I corrected those two errors:
1-I have done what you've suggest.
2-I use this line :
Which is a parameter which can be use.
This action correspond to Alt in windows environment.

The third issue seams to have been corrected by blizzard.