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Bag positioning when opened
Feature #: 4373
File: Ion: Menu Bar
Date: 01-29-11 03:26 PM
By: Barnaby B. Barclay
Status: Under Review
In the blizzard default UI there is a setting:
Interface -> ActionBars -> Right Bar

When this setting is enabled, and you open your bags, they are shifted over a bit from the right edge of the screen so they don't cover up the right action bar when open. When using Macaroon, this setting gets ignored, and the bags open on top of the bar I created in this spot. It would be really nice if Macaroon didn't override this setting, as this is where I place buttons for tradeskills: It would save me a lot of time opening/closing my bags in order to access my right-side bar for milling/prospecting/disenchanting.

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By: Barnaby B. Barclay - 01-29-11 03:32 PM
This goes for the keyring too... it operates the same as the normal bags.
By: Barnaby B. Barclay - 01-31-11 10:07 PM
Now I feel stupid... found the option that handles this. Sorry for any inconvenience!