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Allow for unknown stances while levelling
Feature #: 4440
File: Neuron
Date: 04-10-11 02:36 AM
By: piper7
Status: Under Review
Every time my alts learn a new stance, Blizzard decides to shuffle the stance IDs. This means that the spells that I have assigned to particular stances suddenly get transferred to a different page.

For example, when my level 15 druid trained its aquatic and travel forms, the "cat page" suddenly was devoid of all buttons and all of the cat spells were displayed on the "aquatic page". I appreciate that this is probably caused by the reassignment of stance IDs but I was wondering if you could get Macaroon to compensate for it while levelling a new toon?

This isn't a big problem (I can shuffle all the spells every time that I learn new forms) but, as a confirmed altoholic, it keeps hitting me and has reached the point where I feel like asking for a fix, if it wouldn't be too difficult.