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Show bar when pressed
Feature #: 4485
File: Neuron
Date: 08-25-11 07:20 PM
By: trogdorhunter
Status: Under Review

I normally hide my bars, but as an altaholic, I occasionally need a reminder of my keybinds. You have the drop-down "Show on unit exist". I'd like to add a condition to show when a user-selected non-modifier key is held down.


For example, I could bind <`> and when <`> is pressed, my bars are visible. Release <`> and they disappear (and click-through) again. This would be on a per-bar basis so that I could have some that are always visible, some visible when certain units exits, and some that are always hidden, and some that are only visible when I hold down my chosen key.


I have tried working around the issue by creating two copies of all of my bars. Copy one is always hidden and has my normal keybinds. Copy two has empty Normal states and copies of all of my buttons in ALT states.

Problem #1 -- Increased overhead. This doubles the number of bars and buttons in my configuration. I already have 14 bars before doubling them.

Problem #2 -- User bar maintenance doubled. All action bar modifications must be maintained in two places.

Problem #3 -- Limits possible keybinds. I now have to reserve a modifier (Ctrl/Alt/Shift) for this function instead of using it to directly bind to abilities.

Problem #4 -- Unnecessary complexity. Let's say I have Frostbolt bound to Q. I have a hidden bar with that bind. Then I have a second bar with Frostbolt in the Alt state and keybound to aQ. I can mentally ignore the a's prepending all of my keybinds but that is mental energy detracting from combat. It might be easy for aQ but things like acsQ is really csQ is a pain, and having all of those unnecessary a's blocking icons and cooldowns or just generally cluttering the display is annoying.

It would just be so much easier all around to maintain one set of keybinds and toggle the bar visibility by holding a non-modifier key.