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Different aura texts for Moonfire and Sunfire on a single button.
Feature #: 4507
File: Neuron
Date: 12-03-11 09:04 AM
By: cirrulean
Status: Under Review
At the moment, when Moonfire is applied to a target, the aura text correctly shows the DoT duration on the target. But when I switch into Solar Eclipse and the button becomes Sunfire, the aura text disappears. This is not really a bug, because it now displays the aura text for a different debuff, but this behavior is not really intuitive or useful, as the two DoTs overwrite each other and I don't want to replace a strong one (eclipsed Sunfire) with a weak one (uneclipsed Moonfire).

So what I would like is that the aura text keeps counting down when the button changes, but maybe with a different color, so that I know it's the other version still ticking.

I already hacked this in, but it is probably not the cleanest way: In Macaroon_Buttons.lua I changed the last loop in updateAuraInfo to


		spell, _, _, count, _, duration, timeLeft, caster = UnitAura(unit, index, "HARMFUL")

		if (duration and (caster == "player" or caster == "pet")) then
			unitAuras[unit][spell:lower()] = "debuff"..":"..duration..":"..timeLeft..":"..count
			unitAuras[unit][spell:lower().."()"] = "debuff"..":"..duration..":"..timeLeft..":"..count
			if (spell == "Moonfire") then
			   	  unitAuras[unit]["sunfire"] = "buff"..":"..duration..":"..timeLeft..":"..count
				  unitAuras[unit]["sunfire()"] = "buff"..":"..duration..":"..timeLeft..":"..count
			if (spell == "Sunfire") then
			   	  unitAuras[unit]["moonfire"] = "buff"..":"..duration..":"..timeLeft..":"..count
				  unitAuras[unit]["moonfire()"] = "buff"..":"..duration..":"..timeLeft..":"..count

		index = index + 1

	until (not spell)
Now when the button is Moonfire and the Sunfire buff is on the target, it is treated as a debuff and shows in green instead of red because of that. This is exactly what I would like to see as 'proper' option.