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'Batter' macro storage and ease of use.
Feature #: 4580
File: Ion: Spell & Macro Binder
Date: 08-27-12 04:12 PM
By: MoeTM
Status: Under Review
I use to use this http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/bind-pad befor useing macaroon. The only thing that I miss from this plugin is the ability to edit macros fast, easy and simply. I tend to move macros around allot, just to see if I'm better if I have it there, ect. and I set up the advanced option to have some duplecates and stuff and wanted to move them from being a toggle(moving the action bar) to a Hold untill you've done what you want.
long story short, I want to move the macros around without having to re-write the whole macro, and be able to have duplecate macros where you only have to edit one and there all edited.
I would use the normal WoW macro's, but there just isn't enough space for all the macros I want in it(without filling up the all acounts page too). Please could you make your macro vault more user freindly? More like the standard WoW macro holder aswell, Because that would be very easy to use and very user freindly.

You could proberly copy some of the Blizzard_macroUI.pub into your addon or something (I'm a noob at LUA). Or maby make it compatable with bind-pad. TBH I don't want you to work you ass off. Hopefully Ion will be good, :).

This could proberly fix http://www.wowinterface.com/portal.php?id=221&a=viewfeature&featureid=4288 and any other problems with macro user freindlyness.

Hopefully you can fix this, :). but as I said befor Don't work your ass off for it (considering a whole plugin was built for this(bind pad)).