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Druid stance bars
Feature #: 4590
File: Neuron
Date: 09-07-12 03:08 AM
By: Nits
Status: Under Review
Hi Maul,

I really love your bar mods. Macaroon wasnīt too stable, but the functionality was impressive. Ion seems to be very stable, but itīs not complete so far. Itīs complete enough to work for most of my chars, but could you add the stances "prowl" and "treant" for druids, please? I looked at you code - very clean and organized! - to do it myself, but I wasnīt able to do it. Lua has some strange concepts. ^^

A 2nd feature request on top: Please add tooltips to the labels. For example a stance "override" *hmmm* I donīt know a stance named override and if this isnīt a stance I would like to know what gets overridden with what and how it is done.

3rd request: Could you please comment the changes whenever you commit something to your Git repository? Perhaps even lists of implemented features, planned features, known bugs, fixed bugs (with revision) would be cool.

Thank you so much and have a really nice day

Nits Eredar-EU