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2 person mounts
Feature #: 4584
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper
Date: 08-30-12 01:11 PM
By: Caldar
Status: Feature not possible
I realize this would only be useful in a few circumstances, but would it be feasible to have an option you can enable if the main character you are controlling has a 2 person mount that the other toon mounts that mount with him? I know you can target and do an "interact with" to mount, not sure if that is protected or not.

Anyway, probably only a limited amount of uses for this feature.

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By: Phanx - 08-30-12 02:22 PM
Targeting and interacting are both protected actions, and are thus outside the scope of what Hydra or any other addon can do. You would need to set up macros and use key cloning software to send actual hardware events to your secondary client(s).