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Compact item quality, level, upgrades
Feature #: 4624
File: Item Tooltip Cleaner
Date: 11-29-12 03:09 AM
By: kaustos
Status: Wont add Feature
I would like to see something like

[X] Ring of Random Stats
Upgrade level: 0/2
 +500 Agility
 +500 Stamina
iLvl: 463
Changed to be a bit more compact
[X] Ring of Random Stats
Heroic 463 [0/2]
 +500 Agility
 +500 Stamina
Heroic text interchangeable with Raid Finder and Season #.

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By: Phanx - 11-29-12 06:15 AM
I have no plans to move lines around or combine them, sorry. Trying to handle every possible combination (maybe you want to combine X, Y, and Z on the line where Y was, but someone else wants to combine A, B, and Z on the line where Z was) would just be way too much work, especially when other languages are considered.
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