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Totem Timers
Bug #: 4676
File: Elkano's BuffBars
Date: 08-21-08 10:05 PM
By: Stuph
Status: Not a Bug
Not sure if this is so much a bug as possibly simply something you left out, but none of the totem buffs that last 2 minutes, and additionally Grounding Totem (lasts 45seconds) have a timer.

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By: Elkano - 08-22-08 12:23 AM
These aren't considered buffs by the game API, else they would show up on EBB.
But I intend to add a display for the 'new' totem timers that are now also available via API in the next major recode.
By: Stuph - 08-24-08 11:16 PM
Well, they are actually showing up in the list, they're just showing up under Timeless instead of with the 2 minute timer. I'm operating on the assumption that the totems such as Mana Spring, Healing Spring, etc should be showing this since you have Sentry Totem actually showing its 5 minute timer.