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add a set that detect the proc of the Blade of Wizardry
Feature #: 2540
File: CasterWeaponSwapper
Date: 01-10-08 03:15 PM
By: oris
Status: Under Review
it would be great to add a new set ( like the Spellsurge ) that detect the proc of the Blade of Wizardry ( ).

I am not sure what is the hidden cool down though ( I have read 20 sec but I need to test this ). Maybe a sliding bar to manually adjust the cool down time could be available for the user?

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By: oris - 01-11-08 11:25 AM
the proc haste buff name is : forgotten knowledge
By: Wikwocket - 01-15-08 10:59 AM
This is an interesting idea; I will add it to the todo list, but I'm afraid it will be low priority since the blade is a rare item that few people have, and I would have to change a few things to support it.
By: oris - 01-15-08 11:03 AM
ty =)
By: Wikwocket - 01-15-08 11:05 AM
I forgot to add one note. In order to do this, one thing needs to be verified. Does the haste proc remain if you unequip the blade? This is true with spellsurge, but not sure with the blade.
By: oris - 01-16-08 10:37 AM
I will have to confirm this. I will post the result tomorow.
By: oris - 01-17-08 10:24 AM
After lot of testing on dr Boom, the haste proc buff remain even if we unequip the blade. And the hidden cooldown is the same as for spellsurge.